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  1. There are a TON of autoers all in green and yellow colours south of the draynor cabbage patch. there is always 7-10 of them, some of them actually go to that island.....
  2. a stack of 2 million cabbage is the rarest item i know of, as there is only 1, and will only be one for several years. phats cost 13-20million, but it doesnt take a year to get 13-20 million gp.
  3. Well... practically, the banks were the best update. Not only the banks, but banks to put items in , and note everything. secondly, I would say the Runescape 2 platform. Though I think what trumps them is when jagex updated teh cabbage pics 4-5 times. They are the most beautiful looking, amazing vegetable in runescape. Hands down.
  4. Cat Stevens. . . DONT LET ME DOWN! funny, I just finished watching Little Talent Show. . . .
  5. If I knew anything about runescape except cabbage... I would vote/ I wish I had known about this contest earlier. I would have submitted my cabbage picking guide.
  6. I shall stop by for a time. its a saturday and not band night. Anyone caught not picking will be shot on sight.
  7. another couple factors to think about: When your getting big bones from creatures, your also gaining combat experiance that saves you time on your other stats. When your killing chickens, your just getting bones. Almost always, its best to just do things yourself. If your looking at a Zezima scenario.... where your goal is 99 in everything.... then the best way is probably to not buy anything, unless it speeds up you making money. really, if your going to be "super efficient" in your runescape time, you shouldnt buy bones until your combat is full. Because if you get 99 prayer.... you are wasting all the bones you find on the ground that you could just pick up and bury quickly.
  8. You all forget, that there is more to cabbage piking than just cabbage. the ideals of Cabbage is a way of life, and it teaches us things that no other skill in runescape does. Just talk to anyone who has been in the cult for over 6 months. They will tell you how the cabbage cult changed their lives! Also.... there are some cabbage related skills that take just as much practice and skill as castle wars! picking cabbage is just the tip of the ice burg! mmmm burgers.. . . . sorry.... Kah bah geE!
  9. To all those in this topic, as I see there are many of you new to the forums here. I am the founder of the cult known as the Order of Cabbage. But I am not it's leader. Everyone who is officially inducted in a Order of Cabbage Ceremony are co leaders of the Order. We all make decisions togeather as who is worthy of the cabbage, and who is not YET. Many people wish to be acolytes, and some wai as long as half a year! But in the end, it is all about the fun we have through cabbage, and of course, picking the darn things! We are a cult dedicated to cabbage, helping out new players to the game, and bringing a positive, fun loving attitude to the Runescape world.
  10. we dont really own it in the way that we own it like property, but I believe no one is safe from a cabbage bomb in that world. So really we do own it, as no one can stop us there.
  11. Neo... you are a cabbage lover? That is interesting. how long have you loved picking/growing cabbages? I would like to hear of your friends endeavors.
  12. copywrite infringement!!!!!! Mmmmyup. for book signing autographs, go to sledge, or see peter at the patch. although please dont make a fuss about him... he likes to just be picked in peace.
  13. King who? I guess I dont deserve to play. Famous is all relative. If you dont care/pay attention to a certain part of the runescape world, then to you, a person may appear not famous. or for example, someone like me. To all who follow cabbage, I am well known. But to the rest of the runescape world (i.e: 95% of it) I'm a level 62 player thats been on since february 2002, and must obviously be a noob to suck so much at leveling.
  14. I just noticed. last month, the OoC has collected more cabbages than there are articles in tip.it. I believe I have gotten past the point of being scared of myself and what i created. I just sit back and enjoy :D we're hovering at around 1337k, but im about to get a 120k donation.
  15. *insert witty thing about what I do here*
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