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  1. In my opinion, people are getting too fixed down on the Balanced Trading ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâñ 3000 coins thing. This will not always be the case: As such, while there will still be very strict limits, there will be a lot more freedom than you might at first think, depending on how much you quest. 30000 coins, while not letting you stake really good stuff, certainly provides more options for staked duels. And allows 10 times the freedom in normal trading. This is, of course, biased against people who don't like quests, but that does seem to be the only way in which you can prove that someone is a dedicated player and not a new account. (Don't say "what about the length of time the account's been around", someone could have made an account and ignored it for a few years. Besides, getting your quest points up doesn't take that long if you have the levels)
  2. What with people posting all these speeds in mph and km/h, could you actually try putting the other speed in brackets so we can compare? (for a rough guide, 80km/h = 50mph)
  3. Making gold bars with gauntlets also gives more xp than smelting and smithing steel bars (from ore). Get loads of it and use Port Phantasmys furnace, as that is close enough to bank. Also, you can then use the gold bars to train crafting later or sell to crafters.
  4. Don't forget, you have to cast each spell 100 times in the mage arena before you can use that spell outside!
  5. Find any place with plenty of ordinary trees next to a bank. Cut logs Bank logs Rinse/repeat After getting the logs you want, stand at the bank and fletch for a few hours.
  6. This is the fastest way to do the tank part 1.Open door 2.Turn corkscrew twice (putting bar inside) 3.Close door 4.Pull left lever then the right lever, not the other way round. 5.Repeat 4. 6.Repeat 1-3. The left lever lets water into the tank, the right lets it out. So you turn on the water, then open the drain, then turn off the water, then close the drain. If you have done that, you can then open the door.
  7. The biggest difference between WoW and RS is this (as I see it): Combat based/skill based. RS: not a very combat based game, you can do many things without a noticeably high combat level, although you will need to train combat if you want to do many quests, go pking, do certain minigames, use the best gear etc. However, you could, if you wanted, max out every skill except the combat skills while being combat level 3. Also, no predefined classes. You make a standard character, all skills at 1, and can develop them into anything you want. WoW: A game based entirely around combat. Even the trade skills need combat levels e.g. You must be level 5+ to start a trade skill (apprentice, 0-75) level 10+ to get any higher (journeyman, 50-150), then I believe it's 20+ to get expert (125-225) and 35+ to become artisan (200-300) Also, you can only learn two trade/gathering skills, although everyone can learn cooking, first aid and fishing as well. 9 Predefined classes (Warrior, Hunter, Paladin (Alliance only ATM), Shaman (Horde only ATM), Mage, Warlock, Rogue, Priest and Druid) All classes come with set skills that can be learned as you level up for a fee from your class trainers in every city. The only customiseable parts are the skills you learn, what equipment you prefer (e.g. sword or mace) and Talent points (every level from 10-60 you gain one point which can be used to gain a bonus (sometimes several times) in many different class abilities, sometimes even giving you new abilities. But you only get 51 points and you would need closer to 150 points to max out every talent you can learn.)
  8. Because you're not on the island with a gun.
  9. My reason for not wanting people to pm/post was so that for a day or so, you couldn't cheat. I've posted the correct answer to the question, and now I will post the way you work it out. If there was only one lion and one sheep, the lion would eat the sheep and turn into a sheep, because then there would be only one sheep on the island. If there were two lions, the first lion would think "If I eat the sheep, there will be one sheep (me) and one lion, so I will get eaten" and the sheep would go uneaten. So, 1 lion = eaten 2 lions = uneaten If there were 3 lions, the first lion would eat the sheep as this would mean a situation of 2 lions and 1 sheep, which means the sheep is safe. If there were 4 lions, the first lion would not eat the sheep, as it would leave 3 lions and a sheep, which means the sheep gets eaten. And you just take that theory onwards, working up to 100 lions. Of course, you should realise that: Odd number of starting lions = sheep gets eaten Even number of starting lions = sheep goes uneaten The important thing to remember is that a lion will eat a sheep, but not if it will in turn be eaten. If your solution involved assuming conditions other than what I originally said, it is wrong. By logically working through increasing numbers of lions, you can see that lions may eat the sheep as it will result in a situation where the next lion will not want to eat the sheep (Odd numbers to start with) or that the lions won't eat the sheep as it will end with them being eaten (Even numbers to start with). Oh, and maybe I could have phrased the bit about lions not wanting to be eaten better... :oops:
  10. Hehe the point is the lions prefer to eat the sheep because they're meat eaters. But they're not going to eat the sheep if it means they will get eaten. And for all those who think they know, or have given up, I'll post the answer below, please don't cheat though. In size 1 of course. if there are 100 lions, the sheep will not be eaten put that into a word processor and increase the size.
  11. Right, before I say this puzzle, I want to make two things clear - Don't PM me with the answer, and don't post it here, make others work it out. ---------- Imagine an island in the middle of the ocean. On this island are a very advanced form of lions, and a sheep. The island is also covered in grass. The lions can survive by eating the grass (a very advanced type of lion), but would prefer to eat the sheep. The lions are capable of logical thought, and can think problems through. Now, here's the catch - If a lion eats a sheep, it will turn into a sheep and can be eaten by the other lions (which the first lion - now a sheep - will not want). Also, neither the lions nor the sheep will die from old age or disease. Assume that there is no way for the sheep to escape if a lion wants to eat it. Assume also that there is never any debate over which lion would get to the sheep first. Do not assume anything that has not already been mentioned. There are 100 lions and one sheep, will that sheep get eaten? ---------- Before anyone asks, there is only one answer to this, and it is either a definite yes or a definite no. The answer can be worked out logically. If you're still stuck, imagine that there was only 1 lion and 1 sheep, then 2 lions and one sheep, and work your way up.
  12. I think this will help in one way, because people who don't know about fansites but want information will no longer need to ask people for help, they should know about the Knowledge Base on runescape.com itself, which will make the game a lot less hassle for the rest of us. And those who do know about fansites such as Tip.it will probably prefer coming here because, well, to me it feels that you can get information in a more personal way, as though the guides/databases etc. were written just for you to read. And because you get a wider discussion range on the tip it forums :) .
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