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  1. steel platelegs Steel battleaxe coins big bones iron halberg Half key clue scroll Mithril trownaxe Herb bronze dagger (+) Mitril arrows (s) Ring of life Uncut sapphire Uncut ruby It seems they very slowly drains your prayer adding then i get more :-w
  2. Instead of typing the same again I just copied what I write on my owne website about java. Else it have been long time since I was on this forum :twisted: This can be your problems that I believe it is, but it can also be wrong, as specs for ppl's computer today is so different. " Java: I would use the right version for that java game I was playing or program I was using. If program was build for MS java I would use MS java and SUN java if it was build on SUN java. The reason to do this is that since SP2 to XP people have had allot of problems with SUN java. If you have strange problems with SUN java, it's not necessary because you don't know how to configure it, as some people will claim. Problems and strange behaviors: In games you movement are like 1 step - stop - 1 step etc, often followed by lag in game. Fan in computer running at full speed and sounds like a airplane just going to land in you bag yard. Time running 3x times faster and start running normal as soon you close the program. "
  3. Try only do this part as sticky tell you: Internet option and java plug in controll use signe applet using default java - different from from sticky If still not working here last thing you can do, that have helped alot ppl, only use incase you don't have msjava installed. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\ Create a msjava.txt file - Rename it to msjava.dll and try again playing RS
  4. As you already have mention yourself it hardware or driver problems. http://www.microsoft.com/resources/docu ... p_exvb.asp I think your screen look like this. To find the problem, here I would do it: 1. Make a new installation 2. Let the computer run for day without installing any driver yet. 3. If it dump again at this time it clearly a hardware problem. 4. If not continue with driver installation 5. If it start dump again after drivers, it clearly something wrong with 1 of the drivers you use. Always use lastest driver from the suppliers, can be you use a old and faulty 1
  5. first 2 lines in the blue screen tells you what is wrong. looking at the post I will say it have been alot more easy to had maded a reinstallation.
  6. Mercifull I think it time you stop scaring ppl everytime you disagree with other ppl. Either show us some prove about what you sayingd or stopp it. If you have some prove for this site report it to his ISP You can't impossibly have read SUN java forum, as virus whatevery you use ms java or sun java, you still get the virus on you hard disk. The different I don't gonna tell it must be your owne job to read SUN java forum. A sticky that show sun java and claim sun java works fine and also nearly 2 years old is BS. Since servicepack 4 to W2k and servicepack 2 to Xp came out, ppl have had tons of problems. I must be the luckiest man on earth as I have used ms java for years. I wonder why haven't got hacked 1000 times and keaylogged 1000 times. 1 of the few trojan I ever got on my computer was funny enough from here :idea:
  7. Why not try go into IE under tools - Internet options - privacy - select site - type in the websites and select block
  8. Firefox can't see ms java then I tried, so I can't see the problem
  9. A quick solution instead of untick and tick etc for hours and it still don't work. Uninstall java - reboot computer - install it again - can't remember if it need a reboot, but it don't hurt. Then see if it work
  10. as dP_Crazy wrote, my friends and I can confirm this. Even you get around 30 xp les per round, you can still get more xp at werewolf per hour
  11. A reason for not using google, if you don't know exactly where to download Hijack this: "April22, 2005: Just a short note on the domain HIJACK-THIS.NET: this is not mine! It has been registered by XoftSpy (who are also on the Rogue Antispyware List on SpywareWarrior.com) and they are luring people into downloading their software believing it is HijackThis. Also, they have registered a few AdWords at Google leading to the same result. I have contacted them about this and received no reply (how surprising). Google can't do much about it since there is no copyright being breached. We'll see where this goes. In the meantime, if you want to download any of my programs, the official domain is and always will be http://www.merijn.org." http://www.merijn.org/
  12. Often ppl forget to disable "system restore" an then the computer have been cleaned and it is restarted the virus or whatever are back. That the reason I never have system restore enable at any time.
  13. Yes, I use ms java then I play RS, how to switch around java version you can read how in sticky. To use ms java you first have to install. 3805 then 3808 and last update is 3810. A site that have been up since 2002 with ms java and I have followed since SP2 to xp was realesed is http://virtualmachine.no-ip.info I don't want to go into discussion about what version of java is most secure, but just give you a example. "It is interesting that MS/JVM is mentioned as being insecure compared to the SUN offering. Some banks and finance company that doing currency trading only allow their software to run using the MS Java variant. Their opinion is that the SUN version is too easily compromised in comparison." After reading over 1000 posts on sun java forum I haven't find any solution, why this happens on allot of computers. The same about sun java not should be magnet for virus. The sun forum is fill with sun java getting virus too
  14. Soundt like you have alot fun with SUN java :wink: Try check then you clock running 3x faster, I think it's then you play RS. Check clock before you start play RS and play for an hour or 2. Do they same again but just leave the computer alone. after that you properly know if it the sun java. These 3x problems have been registreted even on brand new computers with sun java. - In games you movement are like 1 step - stop - 1 step etc, often followed by lag in game. - Fan in computer run at full speed and sounds like a airplane just going to land in you bag yard. - Time running 3x times faster and start running normal as soon you close the program.
  15. Try check your hosts file there should normally only be 1 line like this ( localhost). You find the hosts file on if XP: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
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