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  1. I know it wouldn't happen but it would be nice if, along with this update, xp rates increased/xp needed to level to 99 dropped. This means that new players could get into the game more quickly instead of getting bored and leaving due to the excess grind, the "not so hardcore" players could experience some of the more high end stuff, while everyone else can still compete with one another for top spots on the highscores.
  2. For some fun, I decided to look into just how useful the dragonstone armour would be for F2P. Also to put to rest the arguing. Just some background - according to various sources, class specific gear has a multiplier on its armour stats of 1 to the class it's strong to, 0.625 to its own class and 0.3125 to the class it is weak to. In other words, if a melee piece of armour had an armour value of 100, it would defend with a value of 100 against ranged, 63 against melee and 31 against mage. Additionally, the only pieces or gear that give a negative attack bonus are body and legs (and shields but I'm not considering those). In other words, you can wear blue d'hide legs and body, while wearing rune helm and gauntlets and not have any negative range attack bonus. Anyway, on to the analysis This table outlines the main combinations of armour possible that don't inflict a negative attack effect for the style in the first column. The first column indicates the armour type worn for the legs and body while the second gives the armour type for the helm, boots and gauntlets. The third indicates the life points. The fourth through to sixth give the defensive values against the respective listed attack style. The seventh through to ninth add up a combination of styles (I guess you could call it 'active defence points against multiple styles' or something like that) while the final column adds the total defence against all styles As one can see, in situations where one is fighting only a single attack style (i.e. mage vs range, melee vs mage etc) the only time where dragonstone would impart a significantly greater defence value is where one is fighting against their weakness, ie range vs melee, mage vs range, melee vs mage. Even then, only the body and legs would be of any use and this would have just over a 20% smaller lifepoint boost. When it comes to fighting two styles there are three combinations, Style vs Same style + Style you are strong against (eg range vs range+mage), Style vs same + weak (range vs range+melee) and style vs weak + strong (eg range vs melee+mage). For the first case, style vs same+strong, simply wearing all style specific gear gives the most 'active defence points'. For the second case (same + weak against) it appears that wearing hybrid legs and body + the helm, boots and gloves of the style you are weak against gives the best defence, however, this comes with that 20% lower lifepoint boost. Finally, the final case, where you are fighting against both the style you are weak and strong against, wearing you own style body and legs + the helm, boots and gloves of style you are strong against is the best option. Finally, when it comes to being attacked by all three styles it doesn't really matter what you wear, they all have similar total values. The kicker comes when one realises that the hybrid armour give a much smaller lifepoint boost, but allows you to attack with alternate styles (at least when wearing the body and the legs). Whether or not that is worth it, I'm not sure. Overall, I would say that the helm and gloves are almost entirely worthless. The boots may be okay seeing as there are no tier 50 range and melee boots. The body and legs may be worth it, but only in a few very specific situations, most of which come up so rarely in F2P that it is hardly worth bothering, however if you think it's worth it for these specific occasions, go ahead. EDIT: Fixed table
  3. Just throwing it out there, but a law or nature staff is going to be more accurate than either a fire staff or bat wand + book. Also, Caitlin's staff saves air runes (which are more expensive than fire runes) and is more accurate than a fire staff. For the record Gravite staff = 550 accuracy, Law/nature staff = 530, bat wand = 450, bat book = 50, Caitlin's Staff = 50, Fire staff = 10. I realise that it doesn't really matter, since high alching is still better xp, but thought it would be something useful to add.
  4. Law/Nature staves are the best non-degrading staves in f2p. They have an accuracy rating of 530. Compare that to the basic elemental staves (10), Caitlin's Staff (50) the bat wand and book (450 and 50 to add up to 500) and the gravite staff (550) and you can see they're actually quite good, provided you don't mind paying for the extra runes. I've found that they absolutely kill it in FoG. If you were to get either of them, I would recommend the nature staff, purely because it will hold nature runes for binds, although I guess that's a little less necessary now since we have a stunning ability, but I would certainly recommend getting one of them. I would only recommend the gravite staff if you're really desperate for that extra edge but both the initial cost and recharge cost really aren't worth the extra 20 accuracy in my opinion. It's not like previously where it was leaps and bounds better than other staves, so don't bother. Tomb of frost is roughly equivalent to the bat book as you mentioned (48 accuracy for tome, 50 for book) but saves water runes. Not really sure you'd want to use it unless you have air runes coming out of your ears. After all dual wielding magic means twice as many spells, means twice as many runes and as previously mentioned law/nature staves still have greater stats. Overall, probably not worth it. Longbow sights will be worth it once magic bows are fixed if you range a lot, however, it really just boosts the maple long bow from a level 30 to level 45 weapon meaning that the basic magic longbow is still better than the maple longbow sighted. Magic sighted longbow, (if it gets fixed) will be a level 55 weapon, essentially a 'gravite longbow' if that makes sense. As for the gravite shortbow, it's a similar situation to law/nature staves and gravite staff, although it's stat increases over the magic shortbow are a little more significant - 510 damage 550 accuracy vs 463 damage 500 accuracy. Again, it's your call on this one. Amongst other gravite weaponry I could only really recommend the 2h, but even so, it's up to you on whether you think it's worthwhile over the rune 2h. Gravite long and rapier and also now the same speed and stats, the only difference being the style, so if you must have a 1h gravite weapon, only get one of them, remembering that stab/slash are irrelevant in pvp now. Blast Neck has a critical hit bonus of 3.5 vs magic amulet of 3.2. More worthwhile than gravite weaponry since it doesn't degrade. As for the twisted bird skull necklace, it's prayer bonus has dropped from 9 to 3 making it worse than a holy symbol. No longer worth it. The amulet of zealots, on the other hand, has had its prayer bonus boosted from -8 to -5, so it's less bad. Having said that, I think it's now the only necklace in f2p to directly increase damage output (although only while praying) so that might make it worthwhile, although I don't know how this relates to critical hit bonuses and the tradeoffs made there. Also, I'm not entirely sure how well prayer is working, especially in relation to abilities, so you'd be taking a pretty big risk buying it. tl;dr get one of law staff or nature staff, don't bother with tome, wait until sighted magic longbow is fixed before getting longbow sight, get blast neck if you want the extra 0.3 crit over mage ammy, dont get twisted bird skull neck or amulet of zealots and don't really bother with gravite unless you feel you absolutely positively need the edge they will give you and can afford the cost.
  5. Well, I just lost my longbow sight thanks to trying to put it on a (newly f2p) magic longbow. It appears that the sighted magic longbow is still p2p. Hopefully they'll fix this soon, but I'm not holding my breath. Also, while perhaps not a glitch or an oversight, gold trimmed blue dhide is still p2p even though blue dhide is f2p. As much as I like the combat of EoC, this definitely was rushed out and has many oversights.
  6. A couple interesting things to note for f2p beta. For magic Law/Nature staff seem to be the best non-degradable staves with a hit bonus of 530 each (Gravite staff still wins out with a hit bonus of 550). Also, Caitlin's staff is still one handed (probably a glitch), still gives unlimited air runes and has a hit bonus of 50 (regular elemental staves have a hit bonus of 10). It can be used with a tome of frost to get completely free water spells. It appears that the higher level attack spells (surge, wave etc) have also become f2p. Range Nothing too interesting that hasn't already been mentioned, except for the fact that the gravite shortbow has a lower damage bonus than the maple shortbow while having a higher hit bonus. Accuracy vs damage I guess. Also, Kayle's sling has changed to Kayle's chargebow and looks like the old training bow. I guess f2p aren't getting any decent thrown or crossbow range weapons. Melee Again, most things have already been mentioned but it is weird to see that there are no offhand gravite weapons but there are offhand weapons for rune and down.
  7. I wonder how rune becoming level 50 will affect f2p. Will rune no longer be f2p and the old level 40 cap be placed on f2p, or will we get all armours up to level 50 including blue dragonhide, mystic and whatever else jagex might add. I really can't see f2p having different levels of 'high level' armour between the classes like they do now where mage only has level 20 stuff, while range and melee have armour that goes up to level 40, considering how important armour seems to be in the new style of combat. Then again, it is Jagex we're talking about, haha. I guess we won't have to wait long to find out seeing as the beta goes live very soon.
  8. Okay cool. I didn't realise that there was already one out there, I guess I just didn't look hard enough! The link seems to be blocked and I couldn't find your accuracy calculator anywhere. Would you be able to post it somewhere else so I could have a look? I'd really appreciate that. Also, thanks for the info about the equal dice roll scenario, I guess that would be fixed by finding the probability of the two being the same and taking about that value from the accuracy, yes? Anyway, thanks for the info, hope that I can actually see your calc too. Cheers!
  9. Hi everyone, I've been working on an accuracy calculator and I want to open an invitation for people to help test and improve it. The excel spreadsheet can be found here http://www.mediafire.com/?8z89etti7mu5nyn Basically the thing works by calculating the maximum attack roll and defence roll of you and your opponent. It does this with the same formula used for the max range hit and max melee hit calculators, so for example, a person with 99 strength and a strength bonus of 31 will have a max hit of 163, similarly, a person with 99 attack and 31 stab bonus will have a max stab roll of 163. Stab, Slash, Crush and Ranged are all calculated separately. Once you have given it enough information to find your attack roll and your opponent's appropriate defence roll, the values go through another formula based on stuff I have seen on various forums to calculate the chance that the attack will land. There are two formulas based on whether your attack roll or your opponent's defence roll is higher. When their defence roll is higher the formula is ((attroll/defrolll)/2)*100, while the formula for when your attack roll is higher than their defence roll is (1-((defroll/attroll)/2))*100 Additionally, you can put in the your strength bonus (ranged or melee) to find your max hit. Add in your weapon speed and you can find out how much damage per second you can perform at the maximum, or on average (which is simply max/2) if you were to hit 100% of the time. The calculator then uses the accuracy found, coupled with the average DPS to find the 'true DPS'. This is basically a way to test which weapons are 'better' in various situations. For example, if you run the stats of a gravite rapier and a gravite 2h, you can find that against an unarmoured opponent, the rapier will have the highest DPS, however against an opponent in full rune, the extra accuracy from the 2h will give it a greater DPS, which seems to be what people already know anecdotally. Having said all this, there are some problems with it. Apart from being untested, it hinges on the assumption that the attack roll and defence roll are calculated in the same way as max hits. This is the idea of others, not mine, but I have no other ideas as to how it could work, so have used this. Whether or not this is true, it is at least a starting point. Another issue is that the Spec bonuses, Other Bonuses, and Special effects are pretty unexplained. Apologies for this, hopefull I will update it later, but being F2P, I'm not terribly familiar with all the effects of special attacks, special effects (such as the castlewars bracelet, or the use of a berserker necklace and an obby weapon) and other bonuses (such as black mask on slayer tasks), but I have allowed inputs for these things into the formulas. The accuracy is also in question due to one major blindspot, that is, what occurs when the attack roll and defence roll are equal? If there is a re-roll, the accuracy is fine, if it goes to the defender, it will slightly overestimate, if it goes to the attacker, slightly underestimate. Hopefully testing will sort this out, although unless there is an absolutely huge sample size of hits, there probably won't be any findings of statistical significance in either direction. Magic is one thing that is conspicuously missing, but could be easily added. This is because I am unsure how magic accuracy works. I know for a fact that attack and defence are rolled against one another and am 99% sure that ranged and defence roll against one another (1% of me wonders what affect ranged has in defence), however, I'm not sure of this with magic at all. I have heard that magic level is taken into account for defence and that certain spells are more accurate than others, but again, I'm just not sure. Perhaps the magic accuracy formula is a tad more complex. If anyone has any info on this, it would be greatly appreciated. Alternately, it could be tested for. And the biggest issue of all, this only works when you know your opponent's stats and bonuses, which means it is all but useless for PvM. There's no way around this, short of finding the source code of runescape and finding the individual values for each and every monster, but at least in PvP it works well. Finally, I have to give credit where it is due. Firstly, I want to thank hfbrads for giving me the idea when I saw his post in this topic http://forum.tip.it/topic/293053-gravite-weaponry-vs-rune-scimitar/ As well as woldemort78, who posted this video on youtube from which I got the formula Thanks for reading all of this, I hope we can all contribute and make this calculator a useful tool for those who want to use it.
  10. Try superheating mithril in the GE I'm not sure how well it will go since free trade is back, but when I was doing it I could always at least break even, sometimes even profit a little. Also, you can just get 67 and dwarven stout up to 68 for the diary.
  11. I want it for F2P clan wars. I got already a blast neckace and gravite staff, with this box added i could blast like the deathstar. :thumbsup: 160 x 0.10 = 16 160 x 0.05 = 8 160 x 0.25 = 40 --------------------------- 160 + 16 + 8 + 40 = 224 Just remember that it is only about a 10-20% chance of scoring the extra hit, although I would pay to see the look on someone's face when you hit a 184 max, backed up with an extra 46 damage (The damage is in a separate splat bubble, so I'm fairly certain it's calculated after whatever you hit, especially noticable when it I hit something and killed it the extra damage was less because it was added after the main hit I suppose)
  12. Alright, so I bit the bullet here and decided to buy it. I can CONFIRM (!) that it does do the extra damage. The extra damage appears in a little separate splat bubble just to let you know it's worked. I couldn't tell whether it worked in fog though, although it does let you take your own runes, once the box is charged with them, so be careful, you'll lose your own runes if you don't empty it. You can't charge it using the fog runes so I would assume the extra damage doesn't work there. All in all, I'm actually quite happy with this. The extra damage occurs just often enough to make it worthwhile, more so than the slight attack boost and water runes that the tome of frost provides. I could definately see this being used to great effect in pvp, although I would agree that for the price neither of the tome of frost or blastbox are hugely useful, but I think that the blastbox has a slight edge in f2p at least.
  13. I kind of agree with this, fist of guthix is one area I would really like some extra damage. The 10 mage attack probably won't do a whole lot with the tome of frost vs the 5 mage + 10% change of 25% extra damage. I'm actually really considering buying the blastbox because of this bonus, I have 40500 token at the moment, so it's fairly tempting. I'm just a little wary of this because if it turns out it was indeed a glitch and it gets fixed, then I'll be rather unhappy with my purchase of a useless box compared to the tome.
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