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  1. Well you don't need to know him to give him a simple welcome back, since you decided to reply to the thread anyway. I don't know why you were banned, but good to know you're given another chance. Enjoy yourself.
  2. When you examine the zombie head (from Halloween 2005), it says "Alas...I hardly knew him" which reminds me of the old Irish song 'Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye'. In some cultural rituals, chickens were associated with evil spirits. This could be where the idea of the evil chicken random event came from. Druids come from Celtic folklore, Mithril from Tolkiens's fiction, Both Ankou and Minotaur from mythology. The name 'Morytania' reminds me of Mauritania, the republic.
  3. Playing games is a hobby of mine, and I am willing to continue until I feel it's time for me to move on. Whether for enjoyment or challenge or even if for escaping the mundane world, that's the person's business and not anyone else's.
  4. Sounds good. How about... Black Death, the plague, but that 's probably taken Hmmmm, Count Albion? Gingalain? (I just tried, :shock: it seems to be available) Well, good luck. Edit: I like 'Grail Knight', but is it available?
  5. Have fun. : Remember though, you can't 'donate' an account to anyone even if you're not using it.
  6. Perhaps she used another account, or maybe she just doesn't enjoy working on her skills. :
  7. I am completely positive. "Loser," "noob," "idiot." etc, can be offensive but they aren't reportable. I don't know how to prove it to you... Maybe you should ask Customer Support. :P The idea of hosting the party isn't against the rules, I don't think, but what you did then might be. You would know.
  8. It is offensive, but not reportable. Noob is normally used in a more offensive sense, yet it isn't reportable.
  9. That's not reportable ^, Kill_Life. Fake drop parties aren't reportable unless rules are being broken in the process. Also, it would normally take a while, so what the player said at first wouldn't show in your snapshot anyway.
  10. http://www.imageshack.us/ Edit: 1- click on 'browse' and select the picture file you'd like to upload. 2- hit 'host it'. 3- copy the direct link given, then paste it here and place the image tags () around it.
  11. Yes, sounds like they're working on it. "Behind the Scenes - June"- bottom paragraph.
  12. I can see your point, but I wouldn't say sending an abuse report is like calling the police. If players were not supposed to report bots, they wouldn't be able to do it to begin with. Of course, this does not mean that they could run around and report every unresponsive low (combat) level player which is what many seem to be doing. However, when there is a good reason for their suspicion (and that isn't merely what the character "looks like"), I personally see no problem in sending in an abuse report, particularly for 'macroing' as it still seems to be quite a problem at the moment. As you already know, none of the reported characters would get banned without evidence from the detection system, so reporting someone who appears to be macroing can be helpful in speeding up the process.
  13. Why don't you report password scammers under Rule 3 (password scamming)? Avoid asking players to make them admit to breaking rules as that can easily be seen as 'encouraging others to break rules' (Rule 9). One abuse report for every offence should be enough. If they break a different rule after 60 seconds, I am sure that's worth reporting too. Make the other players aware of what might happen, maybe? ;) An abuse report would probably be pointless to look at since it would contian no proof. I just like the contrast here. :) If your suspicion is justified, I would say it doesn't hurt to send in an abuse report. That goes for every rule. My 2 cents!
  14. I'm not sure if my reply was removed mistakenly, but it just said 'welcome back' and answered his question... Whole set~ around 60 million Red~ around 30 mill Blue~ around 15-20 mill Green~ around 10-12 mill I don't know what's wrong with that, if anything...
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