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  1. Post how many and wat price. Ign- Celtics Ofc
  2. Well add me if you want to talk, i'm sure i'll get bored mining alot :). IGN- Cow-beast.
  3. Pic of ores? :D Anyways, gratz on 99 mining, i'm currently trying to get 77 so i can start to lrc :D. Gl with other 99s. What's next on your list?
  4. Good luck with the last xp, will be satisfying when you finally get it i'm sure.
  5. Very nice stats indeed. Also about the flaming forget them, you chose to save lots of time and do a diffrent way of training which was smart. 10/10 don't quit and become a staker :D.
  6. Gratz 10/10 very nice, fishing really never appealed to me.
  7. Maybe post a pic of your stats and where you kill them if you're ranging. Best of luck to you.
  8. Good luck, i'm sure you can do it. I'm currently trying to get all skills 60+(f2p), only prayer and range left after tonight.
  9. Add me ingame and whenever you're on and i'm on i'll dm. Also gf pkkara, i lost but still a good fight.
  10. Rules: 1 str pot 27 lobs Full rune No friends Alter or negotiate a better spot Cash in inventory if it's a stake Both skulls Melee only My stats of 10:34 am August 13,2007 Att-61 str-60 def-65 pray-34 Hp-62 RSN: wailin-beast
  11. I'll dm you. My rsn is wailin-beast. Alter or lvl 1-2? I'm also 74 combat.
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