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  1. For me it was Unknown22222 and Rkslope these are the people I used to do pking, quest, exploring etc...back in RSClassic...we did everything together. Anyhow, not much details and ill just leave it at that.
  2. To start it off my very first account was hacked and i lost all my stuff then i came to realize that I wanted a new start - hence - rebornone
  3. Black Dragons I remember them, they used to be the number one clan out there back in the old days. Sadly, they have disbanded and there's currently the "new" Black Dragon clan around and about. It's not what it used to be back then. cheers mate.
  4. My very first clan that I ever join was the Blacknights =)
  5. I probably have to say the biggest clan battle was "the alliance" vs " the empire" 4 on 4 huge battle!
  6. OH MAN! its been awhile....i have to say BK(blacknight), Gladz, "The" which formed the alliance ...along with serveral other clans. But other than that, there was RSD, The Black Dragons! (MK) Mystic Knights and some other clans. one of the biggest battles i remember was when the Alliance( BK,THE,Gladz, ?) vs the Empire (MK, RSD, ? , ?). ONCE A BK ALWAYS A BK!
  7. I been gone from RS for the longest time, hoping that Dragon Large Helm would come out? any ideas why full dragon armor isn't being released yet?
  8. yeah i remember those people..good times in RS :lol:
  9. LOL i remember when i was killing guards and i thought i could get a skull over my head for killing soo many, back in the noobs days..haha
  10. since the dragon axe was release the next one is most likely a dragon pickaxe? in the meanwhile...time will only tell.
  11. Good luck dude! I'm in the same boat as you haha.
  12. lol back in the old days I remember i brought my very first white party hat for 600k ownage! gÃÆââ¬Â Ãâáod times :wink:
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