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  1. Join us, we'd love to have you. We are a f2p pvping clan that leaders have built a foundation of being unique. Don't be fooled however, we have about 10 members


  2. Very nice! The last levels have gone really fast! Have fun mining rune ^_^
  3. I guess strange fruits are getting rare, since they removed the strange plant, so the chaos element is the only place to get them now..
  4. Hellsing! the last chapter was a bit.. wierd. though.. Death Note is brilliant until a certain person dies.. The story becomes so much slower and what's up with the ending? :shock: I'm also reading Naruto, used to watch, but they totally ruined the anime now.. -.- oh, almost forgot to mention one piece and blue dragon :D
  5. Great to see the forums are back again.. :D Nice work from the team :)
  6. The best item in the game is The Rubber Chicken by far.. :D and flippers ofcourse..
  7. I prefer yews over willows.. They're better than willows when you get to the 90s.
  8. My Rubber Chicken... *Whacks everyone :twisted: *
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