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  1. This thread has all but ended, but I couldn't help coming back one more time to add a link. There was much converstion about who played and why, so I thought you might like to visit this site dedicated to research of MMORPG players. It's very interesting and you can participate in an online survey. http://www.nickyee.com/daedalus/ Enjoy, Abacus3
  2. Don't assume that anything someone tells you is the truth on any internet game, chat room, etc. There are sleazy geezers out there, but they look for easy prey. Don't answer personal questions and you will be safe from most that may intend harm. Like your mother said "don't take candy from strangers." :lol: :lol: :lol: Abacus3
  3. Swampjedi- Don't sell yourself short. 18 years of gaming is a huge amount. Granted there are those out there that started gaming with twigs & friction tape, but most of us old timers don't have more than a few years at the old keyboard & ether. You started in the digital world at 8, I didn't touch my first computer until I was 37. You were a sponge when you started, I was almost a fossile. :D The best of luck to you with your new job. Are you joining the USAF? Or just contract? Will you start a RS USAF clan? :wink: Abacus3
  4. As one of the parents said in an earlier post, because of the times we live in, care needs to be taken when as an adult, you are conversing with a minor. I do worry about that. Especially requests to be the girlfriend of an 11 year old. What a world! Abacus3
  5. Lots of good ideas! I would like to design my own clothes. Use different materials - fur or silk for example and add them to existing tops, robes, capes or make new ones. Of course a new craft - sewing, tailor, seamstress or something - would have to be developed. But it could have it's lvls to be trained. Could this spawn a whole new economy segment with designers selling exclusive one of a kind clothes? :roll: :D :roll: :D Abacus3
  6. Working on getting my magic level up. Abacus3
  7. I'm Abacus3. I started this thread asking if there were any other older players & asking if some age specific servers might be useful. I am shocked that anyone replied, but I'm really tickled at the level of interest and suggestions. I've had a lot of support and a few private messages inviting me to join boards populated by us old timers. Thanks to all for your interest and thoughts. Amaze of Death expressed my feelings exactly saying that age segregation would be an individual choice. I don't hate all younger players and don't think age is always an indicator of maturity. But as another expressed, it would be nice to fish or mine or do other somewhat boring tasks and have a conversation that interest me. In other words, no momma jokes, racial slurs, endless meaningless keystrokes, etc. Why do I, an older person, play? It's a diversion from the reality of day-to-day stress, frustration and struggle. In the RuneScape world, success is measurable and achievable. Unlike the real world, I can take risks with my money, possessions and life and get them all back fairly easily. I enjoy making friends and teaming together for a common good. I play a role that real life can't offer. I love the game & will continue to play. Even with age specific servers, IÃÆââââ¬Å¡Ã¬Ã¢ââ¬Å¾Ã¢d always want the choice to play in a general population world. I get lots of help from younger players and also give help to them. I really find that rewarding - a payback for those that helped me. Happy holidays to all, Abacus3
  8. Captain, You give me hope that I might actually leave RS behind one day and weave those baskets or read a book. Let us know what new addiction you select. Congrats on your retirement, Abacus3
  9. What age groups (if any) do you think would work? Abacus3
  10. WOW! I actucally thought I might get slammed. Thanks for the support & info. Peace to all 8) , Abacus3
  11. Thanks folks! I know most players are younger than my grandaughter. I do interact with some younger players, but mostly, I'm a lone wolf because there's not enough common ground - generations apart. However, your replys are supportive and make me feel less like an oddity. After all, it's just a game. :lol: Merry, merry, jingle, jingle, Abacus3
  12. 8) I liked playing with other 'real players' online but was sick of casino and backgammon. I did a search for interactive games & RuneScape popped up. That was 2 years ago. Worst addiction I've ever had, but I love it! :wink: Abacus3
  13. :roll: OK, I admit it, I'm 50+ years old & a female to boot. Am I the only old gal - or guy - playing this game? Is there any possibility of creating a few age specific servers? I've played 2 years now and haven't met anyone my age. Am I just an old sickie? I'd like to know if there are any older players out there. Abacus3
  14. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!! I have dreamed of just this type of org for my account. Me & all the other obsessed organizers out there. Do it now, I'll pay extra!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D Abacus3
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