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  1. I remember archer too but i thought they just came with different items same stats
  2. As arrogant as this sounds, I always liked my name X Se7en X, i didnt know the X's on both sides of my name basically meant to everyone that I was pure... so everyday i'd get questions asking when i went unpure because there was apparently some good pker called X Seven X and some good staker called X Svein X. I was the first though =P~ Names I like are Thug Style, Masterlance, Fist Of God, Hero, Bonebreaker6 (without the 6)
  3. In relation to who? The people in that list were probably nicer to me because I didn't try and PK them heh. And most of those people are Aussies, I'm racist.
  4. Shadow Fox4 Po2n Star Somerville Masterlance Thug Style Sir Galiga Galiga Jr Respected all of them 8-)
  5. It's good that you can simply draw yourlself away from the game, many people can't so I respect that. Btw, what do you bench?
  6. such as the ones on here advertising characters and GP for sale for $? or the ones advertising autoers :?
  7. Wow great post, what was the name of your character? Is there a way I can find out the date I first joined? Would be late 02 or early 03 as members was out already.
  8. Chopping... woot 68 wc (world 110 north seers)
  9. What would it be? I'd make it so you can duel anywhere like RSC... i hate walking/tellying to lumb/dray.
  10. I'm 17, been playing since I was 14
  11. PKed a red hat on RSC then got PKed, lost another red hat due to computer freezing and me getting attacked (was ranging at the time), got banned with 92 fishing and 98 thieving
  12. 2 minutes ago I just got 63 woodcutting on Willows in draynor, as you read this i'm swimming :D
  13. the solo in The Call of Ktulu
  14. I randomly click on any world except for the first three :?
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