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  1. level 80 must be a typo. Anyhow, I've 95 ranged and I seem to hit 28 max with rune bolts.
  2. *checks in* Woot, I'm a legend! thanks *blushes*
  3. nice nice nice, someone has been thinking this for while :>
  4. looks wicked, almost as wicked as to start playing again :o nice graphic upgrade from jagex. sometimes they really surprises me in positive way ;> the new lava looks actually a lot warmer than the old one, now i definitely wouldnt like to drop into the lava ;O
  5. i wish i could work for jagex for customer support from my home :S it's a bit too hard to get to cambridge every morning from capital of finland, helsinki. i never would have guessed runescape had been written in totally different language :/ but i bet it has lots of scripts what is common to JS or c++ maybe even python and perl scripts being mixed, you never know ;) i wish they would make official client version for linux and mac :/ and if it has language packages for each language i would still keep playing with english package because with my knowledge of translations, finnish looks TERRIBLE when some consoles and control panel texts gets translated.. windows looks readable when it's in english, and easy to find stuff if you happen to need help or if you help someone.. same with linux, but when they're translated to finnish, you're totally lost where is everything. you remember spots stuff but you start trying to figure out the real names :/ real pain in bottom.
  6. that guy in black robes is me, and and the guy in white robes is punkertje666... i was cooking in edge and he claimed he looks better than me, is it true? :cry:
  7. 260k mith bars 200k nats, 115k avantoes, 171k drag bones and rest 254k yew logs :P those would be enough to get 99 smithing, 99 magic, 99 herblaw, 99 prayer and 99 fletching :) 8)
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