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  1. Pretty much sums it up for me.
  2. I just saw it and my thoughts are that it wasn't good, wasn't bad.. but could have been a lot better. It's made for stoners since I didn't really understand the comedy in it sober. If you don't do drugs like me, I wouldn't really recommened it. 2/5 stars.
  3. I lol'd. I never would of thought of it like that. :lol: I'm sorry but i'm going to have to used that. But ya, I guess it's rape since it's forced. Still a genius question.
  4. If I had $1000 i'd put it towards spending money for this March Break when I go to Europe on a school trip. Since i'm going to need around $1500 Canadian for spending money and i'm at 600$ with 7 months to go.. and no job.
  5. My money is on: -World War III -World Wide virus thats incurable -Golbal Warming, another ice age -Knocked outof orbit -Aliens Invading The only ones I could see happening in our lifetime is WWIII and a virus.
  6. The baby has to eat too. Whose to judge where it gets it from, weather it's on a plate or from a boobie.
  7. 1. Avenged Sevenfold 2. Atreyu 3. Breaking Benjamin 4. 3 Doors Down 5. Rise Against 6. As I Lay Dying 7. Billy Talent 8. Linkin Park 9. Alexisonfire 10. All That Remains
  8. Dislike Rap Really hard Metal Classical Stuff like R&B, Country, Techno, Reggae, etc I can listen to an extent.
  9. I'd does have that feeling. Anytime I finish one I always have the urge to brush my teeth, or atleast rinse out my mouth. But as far as taste goes Coke is better that Pepsi.
  10. It's for online. That's a good thing I guess. Whatever were just have to wait a month before I can pwn everyone :).
  11. Brawl is the only thing i'm really excited about. 27 days WOOT :) Banjo Kazooie 3 is another game that i'm really looking forward too, especially if my brother gets a 360. Same with GTAIV. Then Mario Kart Wii is another one that I can't wait to play :).
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