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  1. Since nobody really knows what's going to happen with this new 1v1 wilderness thing, it's going to be worth staying a pure at least until things settle down...
  2. How about Microsoft? They remove all support and updates for each OS to force customers onto the new one. That's a different situation, they're releasing a new version of the same product, not a different one altogether. I'm sure if Jagex were releasing a RS3, they'd try to push as many people from RS2 to RS3 as possible. However, if you're still planning on marketing the old product, you don't drive off your customer base.
  3. Has everyone missed that he/she is F2P? The lowest of the stats are members ones; the nonmembers stats are low but for someone who doesn't skill much, there's nothing wrong with it. =; 7/10 on the stats because there's obviously something there if you won that much boxing... 9/10 on the bank. Finish your rare collection for a 10! :P
  4. ...Do you even know what Communism IS? It would be Communism if, say, the grand exchange took the profits from everything sold in it and distributed it equally no matter what you had sold. However, the current grand exchange system has NOTHING TO DO with Communism. Your math parts are correct, but I fail to see at all how that means it's Communist.
  5. There are plenty of people who like the Beatles. In fact, the fact that there's no band like them around anymore is probably a testament to their awesomeness... nobody can even come close.
  6. I got a 4 GB usb drive for $25, then went back to bed.
  7. I'm almost positive that all axe heads were replaced with full axes.
  8. Seriously, that's just one of those legal things they've gotta put there, and they're trying not to break the fourth wall too badly.
  9. Here's the rationale behind the rule: You have a high level main. You use the skills of that main account to get lots of money, and transfer it to a level 3 account. Unless you merchanted, there's no way that level 3 account could have earned that money. That gives you an unfair advantage over everyone else who starts an account and DOESN'T have a high level main to support it with. It's intended so every account starts on the same playing field.
  10. I'm hoping they'll continue to add more language themed worlds. I mean, I was really confused as to why they started with German... I'm waiting for Spanish worlds. I know a little Spanish and I think it would be a really cool way to help learn, getting to play and read it in a conversational context.
  11. I haven't had this happen so much with Runescape, but I know exactly what you're talking about. I associate Anti-Flag's first album with playing Halo on the map "Wizard", I associate Westbound Train's album "Five to Two" with playing this really old game called King's Quest, and lots of stuff like that... not even always what I was doing at the time, sometimes I realize I just associate a song with what was going through my head when I listened to it, even though it has nothing to do with the song.
  12. I just had to watch "An Inconvient Truth" for the second time..I nearly cried of bordom :( ....Anyway His documentary/film is being critised now ...aaaannnnnnd it just won him a Nobel peace prize. :-k
  13. What, you mean on Google Video? Do a search. It's been there, in eight parts, for like a year. Sorry man, I was just going by what Zouka said:
  14. I'd like to see ANY CREDIBLE SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to support three, four, and six. Seven isn't really true either, because you can't just say that because trees use carbon dioxide, more CO2 must be good. I laughed my [wagon] off at eight, because their only "proof" that there isn't a consensus among scientists is that a bunch of people who aren't scientists think it's a problem. They don't really cite any evidence that scientists think differently. Overall, they just mixed a bunch of misrepresented facts with total untruths and called it "the truth". Oh, and about that "The Great Global Warming Swindle" movie: Google won't host it FOR A REASON. It's total baloney. Although wikipedia isn't by any means the world's most reliable source of facts, in this case they've put together a great page which CAN BE VERIFIED ELSEWHERE. Reactions from Scientists to The Great Global Warming Swindle I found this one particularly notable: Basically, you can make anything seem true if you only use little bits of facts to paint a misleading picture. I'd encourage everyone to look at the actual credible scientific studies that have been done. With the exception of those that are funded by oil companies/political think tanks/etc, you'll find almost no scientists disagree with the assertion that humans are causing global warming, and that it's a major problem.
  15. I completely understand that everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I just want to make it clear that the "facts" that test is based on are simply not true. Even if you don't believe global warming is a real problem, that's NOT the evidence you should not believe it based on. If you look at ANY of the scientific resources out there, that's simply fabricated evidence.
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