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  1. Graatss Shey! Best of luck also with future endeavours :thumbsup:
  2. Nice going Bedman :thumbsup: Think we've met before btw, maybe long time ago...however for some reason im picturing Aragorn from LOTR lol...did that used to be ur avatar or am i just an idiot...? \
  3. Lol, i used to do something similiar yrs ago to newcomers to the game who were enjoying their first training experience at al-kharid in the palace. :D ...Although i never pmed them afterwards, usually i'd be satisfied with the stock standard panic dance they'd pull off whilst attempting to flee, sometimes i even recieved a 'nooo!!!'..ahh good times, good times.
  4. Lol, i was wondering why this pg was taking sooo long to load.. :uhh:
  5. My phone bill would jump fo sho, more then i pay monthly for internet too :(
  6. Umm u look angry in this shot imo :-k
  7. I say no. My theory is that we as humans can't stand blank spaces. What I mean by blank spaces is unanswered questions. Example: Centuries ago many empires had gods for thunder/lightning,water,sun,love,wine etc. We didn't know the scientific reason that thunder/lightning existed, or what the heck the sun was or how wine made us intoxicated. So we made up temporary reasons e.g. Gods. Present day we still have unanswered questions..How was the universe created? Is there life after death? What is the meaning of life? No proven scientific answer yet so most have filled in the blank like usual, A Divine GOD who created this universe(Question 1 answered), resides in an eternal paradise called heaven(Question 2 answered) and has a plan for us all as we are his/her children(Question 3 answered). That is just my theory on this subject.
  8. Lol, why would neone assume its fake? To me sounds like someone has tickets on themselves :lol:
  9. I think hate is a strong word, i dislike alot of stuff though. 1. I dislike ppl dawdling, stopping abrubtly infront of u etc. 2. Ppl who get on escalators and just stand there, im sure u won't die if u walk on them, saves time in reaching destinations - don't be so lazy. 3. Seeing obese parents, with their obese kids waiting in line at a Take-away joint, yes some ppl are cursed with their genes, altho laziness isn't hereditary. 4. Attention seekers who always have to imput how they've been through harder times, or always have to beat a painful time in ur life with one of their own instead of offering support. 5. War protesters who slander about troops in foreign countries fighting for the very freedoms ppl take for granted like protesting! Maybe they should put their time and energy into sponsoring a child or something more constructive. Well that'll do for now lol, i feel a little better now \
  10. I had my 4 pulled out earlier this year, i was so hungry afterwards so i tried to eat a sandwhich...couldnt feel myself chewing, and whether or not i was chewing the sandwhich or my tongue. I was back at work the next day :(
  11. Lol ya that mouth voices alot of wierd, strange stuff O:) Not a skirt wearing girl? :( Kinda wierd since my RS char is a skirt wearing man haha. P.S. I like ur glasses, u've got the whole intelligent teacher look, hawt :twisted: Thankee Compliments to urself, i think u look real fun-lovin, great smile!
  12. I don't rly expect neone to know me cause i rarely post here nemore. This was taken like a yr ago, Newer pics are on my comp in a different state lol... Btw i know im not as pretty as my RS char, maybe someone should lend me a pink skirt?
  13. I don't think this is much of an achievement, i can't see why u'd want rating after only 3mins... :|
  14. For enjoyment, but if ur friend doesn't enjoy it nemore then no point :?
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