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  1. I agree with OT and with Devnull (off-topic: name from /dev/null?). Null has a good idea with universal but P2P extra features. Example of P2P extra features: be able to send friend a pic of your outfit, be able to send a screenshot of a level, be able to send items.
  2. I've played WoW, Second Life, and RS and I'll say RS is best. WoW, to me, IS all the graphics and after the cap is real boring. It's also too expensive. Second Life...Gosh. It's so crappy. No-one seems to EVER be on, but that's not so much the problem. I think you need an IBM mainframe with 50+ petaflops of processing power and 700TB of RAM to run it. Something along those lines. Also, SL sucks because it's not that much of an MMO. There's no set things to do. It's all weird things made by players (much of it *inappropriate*) and distributed amongst others. Also, way too much commercial influence. Can't stand the RL trading encouragement..I'll stop now. Anyway, RS, though with crappier graphics, has the overall best gameplay and content. And in certain areas (you are here) you can find a place with a population of players exceeding the maturity of my 4-year-old baby cousin.
  3. It's been like that since 06 hasn't it? I could've sworn... Cause I logged in once and was happy it was harder to trick people with the name so it'd cut down on scammers. Did some whiny noob get them to change it back and now it's back to the way it should be?
  4. I think animal abusers should be given the death penalty. I think it's only slightly less horrific than human torture...it's a living thing with emotions and it's not your place to hurt it for no reason. I do, however, not give a crap about conditions in farms that raise food animals. They have not known any other life and their prupose does not merit a luxurious life.
  5. Can you correct my spelling error? Somone -> someone.
  6. I loved this chat. Lumbridge Achievement Diary Easy: Ask somone where Lumbridge is Medium: Find a use for the tutors Hard: Sneak through F2P Lumbridge with full 3rd age, a godsword, and your blue partyhat and DON'T GET BEGGED!
  7. EDIT: By the way, why is Google giving JaGeX the administrative power to delete YouTube/Google Video vids? Copyright issues annoy me. These companies take the free publicity and shove it underground. Next thing you know, we'll have to download BitTorrent PK vids when the authorities aren't watching! :ohnoes: That would be the suckiest thing in a while. It's a bit crazy. But I would like more people to put their vids on better services. Revver, blip.tv, Stage6 (pro: reduces file size dramatically con: requires special software or codec to view) and several other sites use a higher quality video stream closer to what you actually record. Flash 9 vs YouTube's Flash 8. Plus Revver, blip.tv, and Metacafe, among others, give you a share of ad revenue. Finally your long hours of nolifing skills pay off when your video is viewed a lot!
  8. I love the GT, but I never understand the comics. No offence meant to the artist, but they are never funny or that informative. "Dress up for the holidays?" That's your 1-week work? A buddy kit cartoon with that message and neither of the character's costumes related to the holidays they're saying. Although I'll say that is an extremely well-done background. Anyway besides the few spelling and grammar errors ("YOUR should be YOU'RE in the DDTIP), I really enjoyed this. By the way unor, you never replied to my reply about being an editor. So if you still think I'd be of use, please PM me and I'd love to help. Long live the Gielinor Tribune! Duty
  9. I'll measure the xp per hour next weekend (too much school stuff during week). Thanks for making me aware of that. If you use method, please try to submit your xp per hour. Thanks for Rimmington tip. I might try it sometime.
  10. Hey! I'd like to order an avvie and a sig. I know this sounds a bit stupid, but I'm quite forgetful. Could you maybe PM me when they're done? I just have such a terrible memory. Thanks, Duty
  11. It's obvious with the background color it's a fake on most of them. You have to sprinkle the different shades semi-randomly, like with a chatbox fake.
  12. It's heavily macroed(sp?), but the macros are never enough to take down all three trees I marked. I personally like it, cause I'm a wannabe mod and it's tons of report fodder. :lol: I usually report one each time I finish burning the line. No-one seems to burn there (except after this maybe), so nobody will screw up your line with their fires. Thanks for the comment.
  13. Are you the house network admin? If not, maybe a parent/roommate/whoever is annoyed that you go on Tip.It so much they blacklisted it or pipeline-proxied (by that I mean limiting the bandwidth for one domain, so the connection times out. Like taking a 10MBPS connecting, and allowing only 14.4kbps for say google.com) tip.it. I can't think of anything else.
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