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    I don't feel surprised. I feel like with "finishing" old quests... Well they don't have the vision of the original quest designer and at this point they're more worried about giving the quests a conclusion so they can say "hah it's done" rather then give it a good conclusion.

    Thing is, I think they really do try. But they have to direct the stories so they're ended in the way that allows them to continue with the creative department's overreaching goal.


    It's tough and its lead to some pretty unsatisfying moments when they have to justify some of the shinier tools made by the more technical departments, like Salt in the Wound, but there you go. :/



    Eh. I'll grant that they try... but they lack the original vision and they're just trying (ordered) to finish the series rather then bring a satisfying continuation to the quest. And it shows.


    Honestly this all dates back to having no overall story view for early scape. Now new devs are finishing off old storyline that were headed in a different direction then the current storyline is heading. On top of that, as I mentioned, their priority is simply ending the series now rather then working towards a satisfying conclusion.


    And whenever you get a new person trying to finish off someone else's storyline, the story never feels right.


    You know... the more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to believe that bringing all these storylines to a satisfying conclusion is just impossible.



    Point is... He's still with you right now. If he's attractive enough to have caught your attention he's attractive enough to have caught the attention of several other girls. You're not his only option. He's not with you because you're "a nice girl and he doesn't want to hurt your feelings". If he's wiling to talk bad about you behind your back, do you honestly think he's going to care about hurting your feelings? Chances are he won't. 


    If he's said any of those things recently, or says any of those things in the future, i'd question it. But seeing as it was all said before you actually started dating it's probably just approval seeing and slight immaturity. Nothing to stress over.


    I was thinking the same thing sorta.


    My friend whom I've mentioned in the past is engaged now to a girl that's below his previous "standards." She's anorexic, super dramatic/[bleep]y, etc. Their relationship is notorious for being super unhealthy from the get-go. He always would complain to me about the relationship in the past, and I obviously told him to just end it... but he didn't because he was too afraid to hurt her feelings and he felt like a dick. So now he's engaged instead >_> So now the question is: has he been w/ her long enough that he's actually grown to "love" her? Or is he just too afraid to break up with her and would rather get married instead? Probably a little bit of both, but we'll never know :P



    Stockholm syndrome?

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    Ok, so am I the only person who can comfortably drive in one specific pair of shoes or barefoot only?

    I can go from regular everyday shoes to cleats with spikes no problem



    Ok, so am I the only person who can comfortably drive in one specific pair of shoes or barefoot only?


    If I drive consistently in one pair then suddenly switch to a different pair I tend to misjudge the clutch for the first couple of shifts.


    I don't drive a manual car :( but when I'm on my bike even with gloves of different thickness' I have no problem controlling the clutch



    For a second I read that as bicycle.



    Too sick to let her boyfriend know she was sick...?


    If he had that kind of attitude he'd probably be angry and single now.


    IDK, seems to me that going into a talk thinking that any explanation will do and that a breakup is to be avoided at all costs is a bad attitude to have.



    I'm not saying what is or isn't a good attitude. I'm saying that attitude would likely result in him being single and if he wants to keep the relationship going that's a bad attitude to have.


  5. Well damn. Well now that my relationship is [bleep]ed, what's a good place to meet women for an 18-year-old?


    Assuming you're monogamous and in a monogamous relationship right now, I saw worry about meeting women after you talk to your GF. Although the odds are really high that the relationship is dead, don't treat it like it's over until it's, you know, actually over.


    If you come in with a negative attitude, you're very likely to get negative results. If you come in with a more positive attitude, you are more likely to get positive results.

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  6. Yeah I'm sure. I think you missed the point of the article you quoted. Women don't get pregnant and have the baby over your objections solely to ruin your life. They do it because they want to have a baby. You are confusing their intent with their actions. He's not denying that some women lie about birth control; that's an indisputable fact (my own brother was conceived this way as a matter of fact-- ask my mom :P). He's simply saying women are not evil for doing so.


    Additionally, it would be disingenous of him to pretend that women will never have a baby over a man's objections, or that certain demographics aren't more likely to follow certain behaviors. Again, just because women do things like that does not make women evil; it makes them women. And being prepared for the worst as a man does not make you a misogynist; it makes you smart.


    Here's another similar article you'll probably want to read http://www.blackdragonblog.com/2012/08/23/ayn-rand-why-agreement-does-not-mean-devotion/


    Just because you strongly support a person’s core views does not mean you support every word that comes out of that person’s mouth.

    In other words, ignoring every piece of advice that he offers simply because you disagree with the tone of his advice in that one little bit doesn't really make any sense. And that's what you guys seem to be doing >_>



    Oh I think, overall, he has a point. I just think it's normal, expected human behavior for people to disagree with him based solely on his writing style. Most people are emotional thinkers first and logical thinkers second. So if they read something of his that makes them disagree based on emotion, chances are that person just made up his or her mind, then and there, about the validity of what he's saying.


    I think my point is... people are doing exactly what you're saying because that's fairly normal human behavior :P

  7. Read these then, perhaps it will change your perspective.








    Anyways. You guys are free to intepret it as you wish, I don't really care. :P Like I said, all I care about is making sure you understand the proper precautions for preventing pregnancies.



    6. Childless women in their late 30’s or early 40’s (what few there are) are psychotic, ticking time bombs. These twisted creatures are semen-seeking Tomahawk missiles. Their entire goal in life is to impregnated immediately. AVOID these women like the plague (I do).



    It’s this: Women aren’t the enemy. Women are not evil, lying, malicious, angry feminists out to get you...or lie about their birth control


    And you're SURE these were written by the same person?

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