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  1. Sorry to disappoint, but thats the total loot for 3 fruits lol... so i actually lost money there :cry:
  2. apparently the Supreme champion helm can be used outside of the crucible. +6 str so op.. Someone please tell me its not true..
  3. is this normal? just wondering.. done elite mort tasks, rotm, with row...
  4. i thought of pokemon battle tower when i saw this post.
  5. thanks alot jagex... nice waste of my time with elite clue lol
  6. they are watching us!! this is awesome btw. :thumbsup:
  7. what if they intend to bring back fatigue and sleeping bags? :ohnoes: edit: can captcha even stop bots? :\
  8. does this count? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kld18pWQdI
  9. *requesting some pics of the recolours* im kinda interested in those :D someone do a calculation of how long it would take to unlock most of the useful auras?
  10. @sona, i could use a hug :P and yea, we can [bleep] whine and moan all we want... unless jagex does something radical nothing will really change. and if history is anything to go by, when jagex changes anything, many will still complain about how it was "better" before. (not to say that it really wasnt better before bots came around) one thing is for sure, there will always be people like me that keeps on playing even as the game burns itself to the ground.... :wall:
  11. edit: just checked. i was wrong, sorceress garden doesnt give torstol hmmm juju farming pots maybe? found this on another site: "After the Ring of Wealth update on 15 March 2011, the price of torstol fell, due to the large noted torstol drops added to the rare drop table."
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