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  1. Before the trade restrctions were added it was possible to ask a high leveled (for example) crafting player to make you a fury, and you would give them all the required materials and they would make you it and trade it back to you. When the trade restrictions were added this was no longer possible. The assist system was added to allow this helpfulness again. The assist system there fore only allows for the assistance in tasks that would have before been completed by trading and not skills that could be assisted in before the updates, such as any primary skill like mining or wood cutting. So with this all in mind, I do not support your idea.
  2. Maybe then as soon as you become a member, you stay on the member's high score tables, regardless of your current status. That would actually be great, cause then you can't cheat for the top f2p charts. I would absolutely love to see that change implemented. If this was taken into consideration then its the only way this would work.
  3. The reason the whip is utilized so highly is because it has high dps (damage per second) it doesn't matter what stats you throw on a weapon, if it doesn't have high damage per second then it won't be used. Look at the godsword, it has a much high max, but its 2 handed and slow, if they didn't have such useful specials it is unlikely they would be used at all, and even with them the whip is still the weapon of choice for everyday training.
  4. These teleports would have a warning message attached to them which could be turned on and off at the Doom sayer in lumbridge the same as any other warning message. I'll edit the original post to make light of this.
  5. ~Introduction~ This topic is a display of idea's I have for a large update to the construction skill. It is designed to include many new items and rooms. It is currently a work in progress and I invite you to suggest any ideas that you think should be added please suggest them here. Feed back is more than welcome. The Glade Level 47 Construction The Glade is a new room for the POH that is devoted to the Summoning Skill. It serves 2 main purposes, the first is to put a summoning obelisk in your house so you can recharge your points conveiniently. The second task it performs is giving you somewhere to store all of your pets that you have amassed in your travels. The Glade requires level 47 construction and completion of the Wolf Whistle quest to build. Much like the Garden rooms it is an outdoor room (does not have walls or a roof). It has only a single entrance/ exit at the bottom of the room. Pets stored in The Glade will remain fully fed but will not grow at all during their storage time. Pets stored in The Glade will be able to freely wander around your house in much the same way as Servents do. Hotspots [hide=Obelisk]Location The middle of the room Mini Obelisk 47 Construction Materials 10 Limestone blocks, 50 summoning shards Looks Like the same as mini obelisks found through out the world, colour glow slowly changes between all colours Function - Recharges your summoning points to full Obelisk 67 construction Materials 3 Marble blocks, 500 summoning shards Looks like the same as obelisks used for training summoning, the colour glow slowly changes between each colour Function - Restores summoning points and can be used for infusing pouches and scrolls Soul Rift 87 Construction Materials 2 magic stone, 5000 summoning shards Looks like 2 stone columns that spiral around each other with energy arcing between them Function - Restores summoning points and can be used for infusing pouches and scrolls. Pouches will use ΒΌ fewer shards per pouch and 1 extra scroll will be generated.[/hide] [hide=Roost]Location Top side Perch 50 construction Materials - 5 Maple logs Looks Like A curvy tree trunk with several branches leading off it, no leaves Function Allows the following pets to be stored Raven, Squirrel Nesting Tree 57 construction Materials 5 yew logs Looks Like A large yew tree with several branches and full foliage Function - Allows the following pets to be stored Raven, Phoenix egglings, Racoon, Squirrel Grand Roost 65 construction Materials 5 magic logs Looks Like A massive magic tree with many branches, foliage and flowing magic energy cascading off it, around the base of its trunk are several moss covered boulders Function allows the storage of the following pets - Raven, Phoenix egglings, Vulture, Monkey, Chameleon, Racoon, Squirrel[/hide] [hide=Den]Location Left side Sunning Rock 47 construction Materials 5 limestone Looks like A largish rock sticking out on a 30 degree angle Function allows the storage of the following pets Dogs Cave Network 60 construction Materials 5 sandstone 10kg Looks like A large rocky outcrop with several cave entrances in it Function Allows the storage of the following pets Dogs, Soul Wars pets The Krag 85 construction Materials 10 granite 5kg Looks like A mountainous peak with several cave entrances at its base and a large opening near its peak Function allows the storage of the following pets dogs, Soul Wars pets, baby dragons[/hide] [hide=Waterhole]Location Right side The shallows 55 construction Materials 5 buckets of water Looks like a lake with several reeds growing along its bank Function allows the storage of the following pets gecko, platypus, broav Cascades 70 construction Materials 5 limestone, 10 buckets of water Looks like A Pile of rocks has a waterfall casacading out of it into a lake with lilys floating on the surface Function allows the storage of the following pets - gecko, platypus, broav, penguin, giant crab[/hide] [hide=Fence]Location around the sides of room Rock wall 50 construction Materials 10 limestone Looks like jagged rocks jut out of the ground closing the room in, are of a similar style to the obelisks Function aesthetic Forest 60 construction Materials 10 yew logs Looks like a dense forest surround the room, looks similar to the dense forest found at soul wars Function aesthetic Canopy 70construction Materials 10 magic logs Looks like the same as forest except much larger and leaves extend over room covering it in a roof like fashion except for a circle above the obelisk. Function - aesthetic[/hide] Chapel [hide=Biblos]Library 75 construction Materials 5 mahogany planks Location left corner behind altar Looks like a tall slim corner book case Function holy book, unholy book and book of balance can be stored here[/hide] [hide=Perch] 67 construction Materials 3 Teak Planks Location right corner behind altar Looks like A bird perch customised to the theme of your church Function Allows the storage of God birds[/hide] Garden and Formal garden [hide=Butterfly] 60 construction + hunter level for butterfly Materials one of the butterflys caught via hunter Location the hotspot itself is just at the entrance however the butterfly will fly freely around the entire house Function Butterflys provide the same stat boost that they do when used on other players however it may only be ued once every 24 hours[/hide] Quest Hall [hide=Jewelry Case]60 construction Materials 3 teak planks, skill necklace (uncharged), combat bracelet (uncharged) Looks like each piece of jewellery is displayed on a cushion side by side on a table Function give access to each teleport location[/hide] Skill Hall [hide=Runecase]Ruse case 3 43 construction, 77 runecrafting, mourning end 2, lunar diplomacy, legacy of Seergaze Materials - 2 teak planks, 2 molten glass; 1 each astral, law, death, and blood runes Looks like same as other runecase except different runes Function display Rune case 4 43 construction, 23 runecrafting Materials - Materials - 2 teak planks, 2 molten glass; 1 each mist, dust, mud, smoke, steam and lava runes Looks like - Same as other runecases but with different runes Function - display[/hide] Portal Room [hide=New Teleport Locations]Each Teleport Location requires 10 times it normal casting runes to set up. Locations from that require quests to access will require that quest to be complete in order to set it up. Both Trollheim and Ape Atoll teleports will display a warning pop up before you use them to inform of the dangers that lie outside of them. This warning can be turned off at the Doom sayer in lumbridge similar to other warnings. Trollheim Ape Atoll Paddewa Senntisten Lassar Moonclan Khazard[/hide] New Features Dyed Cloth Cloth bought from the saw mill starts as a defult white colour, It can now be dyed with any of the available dyes (red, blue, yellow, purple, green, orange, black and pink). Any items made with cloth will be the colour it is dyed. These include -Rugs -curtains -beds Other items requiring cloth are un affected by this. Fur Rugs 40 construction Materials 4 pieces of either polar kebbit, common kebbit, feldip weasel or desert devil fur Location any rug hotspot Looks like each fur gives the rug a unique pattern and colouration.
  6. Calling someone an idiot is hardly a sign of maturity so being muted doesn't mean they are pandering to a younger crowd, it just means they have etiquette standards. I have been playing this game since it was just about launched in runescape classic and I have never had a similar altercation, in fact my account remains entirely black mark free. And as someone said, this is hardly a mass muting. You should accept the responsibilities of your actions
  7. I think if this is ever completed to a high level of cleanliness and usefulness it should be added to the main tip.it page
  8. This idea is ok. I feel that although the tasks are hard, the reward items are still a little over powered. Apart from that there are a few specific things I don't really like I don't like that the crippled amulet 3's xp bonus is linked to god swords, what happens if godswords are replaced as the king of weapons? or what if you don't ever use one? I think its to specific. The boater of gestation would have limited use since you are ussually wearing a hat for team designation whilst in minigames so perhaps a ring of some sort? The orifaice of guthix is just horribly over power, no single weapons should allow your to replace all other weapons
  9. outside the godwars dungeon this is the wrong forum though
  10. If you compare the prayer symbol to the star of Saradomin you will find they have small differences. The prayer symbol has curved edges between each point whilst the saradomin star has straight lines. Whilst I think that originally they were meant to be one and the same symbol with the expansion on runescapes lore they have been made subtly different.
  11. I imagine there will be a task some where that is "Get your kingdom favour to 100%" Personally I hope that the reward can be used as or complete remove the need for a seal of passage
  12. I meant that I didn't feel the dungeons and foraging needed to necessarily be linked. The new hunter/slayer monster could be released separate to the dungeons if jagex was to so choose. I personally am not against the idea of the monsters requiring a special item to kill them, i just don't like the idea of them being called "foraging this" and "foraging that" (i don't like slayer gloves and slayer boots either) I think something with a bit more creativity that perhaps references an element of runescape lore? its really only an aesthetic addition but it would give your concept more depth. If I was to introduce a set of spells into the game, I would make a high level monster drop pages of a book, perhaps 5-10 pages. When you have all the pages and assemble the book you can memorise it and then gain the knowledge of the new spells. If you wanted to have a sort of bug theme to it (which I have always felt the desert does) you could go for huge scorpions. Perhaps something similiar to this? Similar to As a First Resort? Well, that quest is largely hunter based, so I think it could work. What I don't want to see is herb prices [bleep]ing because of this, that skill is expensive as it is. Perhaps unique flowers that can be picked, or hops from farming (who honestly uses those anyway?). For this idea I think that same herbs and flowers from the quest should be used, they already exist in game, have been shown to effect animal behaviors and I just prefer to see good items reused rather than adding something new. If it was made possible to farm them, probably in flower patches, that would be even better. I think this idea would be hard to balance. As with day/night concept suggested in the past it basically means that if you are very (un)lucky you may only ever experience certain conditions in the time in which you play. I can think of a great way to do this but it doesn't really work with this concept to well and to be honest I'd like to flesh it out myself :P
  13. I really like this idea, but as has been said before it doesn't need to be its own skill. The tracking and luring components are obviously hunter and the actual killing of the beast could require a slayer level. The experience is split between the 2 task. ie, you receive your hunter experience during the tracking/luring part of the encounter and then slayer experience for killing the creature. How ever I don't think you should get a lot of slayer experience as it is not designed to replace traditional slayer training only supplement it. To specifically review certain parts of your idea.... (suggestions I make will assume we have decided to change it to a hunter/slayer addon) The dungeons are awesome. I love each of their little catches and the enemies sound really interesting. I don't feel that they should be directly linked to this idea though. As separate ideas they are great. I simply don't like the foraging weapons as they are currently presented. As they are slayer beast some may require certain tools to kill them how ever(preferably existing ones as I'd like to see them have more than one use). I don't like the new spells not because they don't seem cool but because I can't stand spells that are item dependent. If I had it my way the god spells, ibans blast and the miasmic spells would not be in any way item dependent...but thats mostly just me i think. I really like that you require a rare drop from the creatures to enter the dungeons and them require that rare arbiter shards to enter the final dungeon. This accumulation type system is really good and make a nice change of just running through a dungeon to get to the boss monster and then camping it. I don't like the Kalephite king or lord monster as they sort of don't make sense with the current Kalephite family. Kalephites are meant to be like ants which have a queen, workers and guards which is how they currently work. Adding kings and lords doesn't really make sense to me. I am a little bit confused about the Freeing souls minigame. As it reads you are given a task to kill a specific monster (just like slayer) and if you have a soul catcher on you, once you have defeated the beast its soul is added to your number. When you have a certain amount of souls you can cash them in for rewards? I think it would be better to have some creatures occasionally drop (rare drop rate?) an item (called crystalised soul) that can be traded for rewards. cystalised souls would be stackable and to get good rewards may require a certain combination or souls from various different monsters. ie, a griffin pet may require a single griffin king soul, 3 griffin priest souls and 10 baby griffin souls. All in all, I really enjoyed most of the concepts you have put forward in this idea.
  14. I thought you could get new mjolnirs anytime by using the key to find them. As long as you don't have one on you or in the bank you could hunt for more
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