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  1. why the blades at brimhaven hate me ? what lvl i need to be to jump and not be hitted by the spinning blades ... cuz to be hited 6-7 times in a row and miss a ticket at 62 lvl is ... dumb ..
  2. since 45 lvl i trained at brimhaven , now i donno where to go , continue brimhaven , go to ape toll or go to werewolf cours .. (i have half load of cakes and 120 tickets , so i will be 62 lvl at the end of the load)
  3. then why they took 7.95 from the credit card o_O (and when i payd i choosed 1 mounth)
  4. I paid before 26 days and i have 5 days of membership. They took 7.95% from my credit card but they sent me this to my mail : "Agreement Created! We have verified your card details and created an agreement to take USD 5.00(!) from card xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx monthly.(!) blah blah and blah blah" the question is since they took 7.95$ not 5.00$ , do I need to pay again after my membership expires , or they will take them automaticly ...
  5. becouse i have the level for ranarrs but i dont want to stays hours to watch em ...
  6. the question is simple as me Do the herbs die after you plant them ? (i meen like the potatos , tomatoes and etc. if you dont watch after them or pay a farmer to do it)
  7. I prefer more things that will reduce dmg in % ... they will add more hp , then weapon with more dmg , then more hp ... and will end up in java diablo ... 1: hey 2 whats your dmg ? 2: 10k u ? ... 1:ugh 8k but i have 30k lp lol ... etc etc ..
  8. Adept and a half :P I just needed the boots and the gloves and I didnt found anyone selling em ..
  9. hmm donno how big is the weakness of the dragons ...
  10. Since the Drag's have weaknest against crush atk and the best crush atk weapon I know is DMace (and it gives Prayer bonus too) what is better to fight Iron Drag's with , DMace or AWhip ?
  11. cuz the best set of prayer armors can give ya 38 + 6 from weapon that is 44 a.k.a. 6.4 sec for a prayer pt. [/i]tnks :D
  12. After what time the prayer goes down -1 at 0 bonus pts (from items) with : protect from magic protect from range protect from melee After what time with 10 bonus pts , 20 , 30 and 37 ...
  13. if a plant/herb/ w/e is deseased what time do i have to cure it. i meen if i plant a herb and go somewhere , and that herb become deseased after what time it dies ..
  14. After few days im going to become member and i have spare 3mil With the half of them i'm going to buy Whip, and with the other half i wonna make dragonfire shield .. from the tip.it combat skill guide i saw i need anti-dragonfire shield and dragon visage. The questions are *Do i need to do a quest/s to wield it *After i make the un-charged dragonfire shield how do I charge it .. (my english isnt pretty good , and the only thing i got from the guide is that i need to fight dragons to charge it) *And once i charge it does it stay that way or i need to re-charge it after time ...
  15. I happily was killing hobs near the craft guild, when some 70 lvl (im 89) asked me about my str (nothing new). I said 76 and he said im noob ... he challenged me to a duel with no armors. I said "ok but then no weapons and food" ... he agreed. We went to wildy and fight ... He went to 30% hp, and oh dear - he ate ... and again and again, he would die 3-4 times (i have more def and atk then him thats why (the just dont get it dont they) and before i died he had 3-4 hp ... After the battle i recieved a PM : "lol n00b!". He is now in my ignore list ...
  16. Why when they see someone with 85+ cb and ~70 str they call him noob ? Isnt noob = newb = new player ? Im playing since Jan 2005 Year. I'm not pker so i don't need high str. My philosophy is - High atk, you can hit em ; High def - they can't. Usualy my atk def and str are at the same lvl, but its too annoying when they ask: X: Str lvl ? Y: ~70. X: Haha noob ... Is it me or it is a crime to have good atk and def lvls too ?
  17. The atk skill increases the chance of succesful hit Strenght increases the max hit which skill increases the dmg you do in battle (not the max you can hit ..) example .. you fight hob goblin and you hit - 10 , 10 , 1 , 2 , 4 .. etc. with which skill you can increase the "1 , 2 , 4" ..
  18. hmm they can trade random outfits for random outfits .. something like ..change..
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