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  1. Also, I'm guessing if you're like me you crop your pictures in microsoft paint? or something similar anyways. I'm also going to take a guess that you're like me (or as I used to be) and save it in jpeg (.jpg). If you start saving your pictures in .png or .bmp instead you'll get much better colors.
  2. Hey, welcome to tippit forums. I don't post much around here anymore, but here I am anyways :wink: To put in a picure upload it to someplace like imageshack.us, then copy the link it gives you and put it inside the image brackets, like this: [img=*link*] To hide stuff like so: [hide]hidden :) [/hide] use the hide brackets, like so: [hide]hidden :)[/hide] I have to say I don't remember the code to change the "warning contains spoilers" part Maybe someone else can help with that. There's buttons for hide and image up above where you type for your posts. Good luck with your blog, keep in mind though that there are many many blogs that just die on here, people can't post on every blog and so many go unnoticed and end up with about 15 posts by the creator and finally dissappear into the abyss of other blogs just like it. So don't be too discouraged, and have fun in runescape and more importantly real life.
  3. i'm on the first page of your blog i miss browsing the blogs sometimes and posting on random blogs and making friends like you
  4. you have far too many posts on this blog. but where would you be without me.
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