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  1. In the past week I've become afraid that I cannot have emotional connections to people I'm dating but can connect to me. I'm afraid that I'm a very very selfish person. And it terrifies me. I also went streaking last New Years
  2. Dirt bike races are nothing like regular bicycle races. I love watching bicycle races. Those athletes, in my opinion, are some of the fittest people in the world. To get up everday for weeks on end and compete on the level they do is mind boggling. As a recreational bicycler I understand how hard some of the stuff they do is. Sprinting for two miles after riding 100+ would be something no one on these boards could do easily. I have a lot of respect for those who can.
  3. I think the chances of "aliens" coming in flying saucers and coming to probe our...rears is pretty far fetched. If we're to discover life outside our planet it will probably single celled organisms or very simple organisms. Not a technologically gifted group of green men.
  4. I live in Olympia, Washington! :o Last year the Legislature banned bestiality because a man died while making naughty with a horse. We get some good bills down here.
  5. Thats one of the least intelligent things I've heard today. I'm a heterosexual and an avid supporter of gay rights.
  6. Into Thin Air. It's a non-fiction book about a man who climbed mount Everest when 6-10 people died. I don't know the exact figures but it was around there. Very good book for people interested in mountaineering or the outdoors.
  7. Deeno13

    Australia Day

    Wasn't said ship full of convicts? :-s
  8. Damn Bears. Damn Pats. I wanted the Hawks to win. Oh well. Go Saints!
  9. AHAHAHAH. Poison. Teehee. I would like to see some of The Clash.
  10. I would say shoot it but that would be insensitive. So I won't.
  11. Deeno13

    Egg Nog!!!

    I picked up a case at the clearence sale last Febuary. Someone told me it gets better with age so I'll wait untill June to drink it. Thats a good idea. Right? :P
  12. Weapons: 80'ies hair metal and love. Little know fact: You can kill anything with love. Defence: David Hasselhoff Hiding Place: David Hasselhoff's crotch. Technique: Slow soothing ballads. Eveeeeeeery rooooose has it thorns. Theme Song: Were Not Gunna Take It-Twisted Sister.
  13. Are there some negitive side effects of the changes? Are your new friends into drugs or drinking? Despite the common misconception your parents arn't out to ruin your life, somtimes you have to cut them some slack.
  14. Mmmm Taco Bell. I would do that in a heartbeat! Imagine being a ski bum with a lifetime cache of tacos.
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