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  1. So glad someone mentioned Gabriel Iglesias - he's by far the funniest I've ever seen! =D>
  2. That's incredible, congratulations on the amazing luck, now share with me your hawt 800K
  3. Nice, dat's a lo-[garden tool]-[garden tool]-hong time ago!
  4. Buy Iron or Bronze arrows, and go shoot them at the caged ogres near Ardougne. Don't pick them up, but bronze arrows are cheap. Excellet experience!
  5. Way to go Kaitlyn, Keep Moving, 99 is right around the corner! ILU
  6. Hey Celty! Congratz on 94 Defence!!! Psst, we race to 99, okie dokie? I have the same goal, doing it through slayer. Good luck too 99, but hopefully I win...no...you should win...but I want to...oh well, the best shall win! O:) ILU
  7. It was a cinch for me once i found the right armour to wear. I wore full veracs, bringing a whip, obby shield, 2 super sets, dds, and the rest sharks. Btw, I was 108 when I did it. \ Excellent Guide!
  8. Celty! Wtg on 78! :P *Tries not to show envy* \ Keep up the great work, and i'll see you soon in the abyss! !~Mvp~!
  9. yawn..farming, then plundering some more...99 thieving soon :wall:
  10. Oh Em Gee! I knew it was gunna be you who stole my idea... Oh...wow...i'm gunna go cry. I was gunna say the Cape people, especially for fletching and cooking. Escpecially on the first day, people flocked there, and 99K ea. Sawmill guy is a good one, along with rune store owner person thingy, but anyways, imma still go with Cape People! :-w
  11. Thanks Nath! Please no innappropriate text in your sig though please... :-w :-w
  12. Best of luck Superway, and thanks :P Thanks mate, that's how i feel :lol: Thanks! =P~ Whew, agility cape! Good luck with that, i'll get there eventually... =D> Thanks for the congrats \ Thanks to everyone else!
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