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  1. DS is NOTHING like DI was. DS is just a clan that can be ranked number 1. It wasn't easilly ranked number 1 like DI was for a few years. DI owned anyone in a war and everyone knew they would own them in a war. With DS, it's not so much as knowing, but there are a few clans that actually have a chance against them. EDIT: DI was also all high ranked and picky on their members, were DS took about anyone with low combat and made sure their members AFK trained 10 hours a day.
  2. Yea, I was pretty much doing exactly that about years ago before I ever seen ANYONE paying for runners for air runes. I would go to a f2p world, and being a lvl 110, I could just say "follow me if you want to make 100k an hour!" and most actually did if they were fast enough. But they would tell their friends to come, so I'd get tons of people and that's how I went from 44-64 in runecrafting. I was also talking to the hate while he was high alching at the time. He was low runecrafting and I gave him my idea of paying for air runners and I'm pretty sure he used it :shock:
  3. 2003? just..lol. You act like 2003 was so long ago, but it's only 4 years at the most. And that isn't even that good of an account for rsc. I posted a picture that I can't find now of me on RSC with 98 combat and 85 thieving. If I had membership on the account now I could make a new one.
  4. lol, you sure do like to double post. I've never seen as many rules broken in a single thread.
  5. Jesus, I did that on RSC after I just had bought about 12k mind runes for 40 each in edge center going to the manhole to train magic on my mage pure. Someone IMed me and asked me to come to their world to get something and I even fell for that. Tried to log in and bam...behind varrock east bank with crap items left. EDIT: oh yea..and I gave a green and blue mask to a random person that was suppose to mine me lots of coal and iron back on RSC when they were both worth about 400k together. Never even got the coal/iron, lol.
  6. Which is why they use cash by mail, WU, or e-gold on the black market websites. It's scam proof.
  7. I posted one of me on RSC a while ago, lvl 98 with 87 theiving on RSC. Here are some older ones, that I thought were fun. I have others on my other photobucket account that I'll post when I have time. When whites were about 11 mill, that was a trade right there. Nooby DS leader cape switching in a war just to protect some rune. Go DS? :wall: Someone asked a good way to make money, I guess you can figure out my suggestion. [Offensive Image removed - woopidoo2]
  8. How is the helmet? Better than warriors for training? I plan to only train with it, so would it be worth doing on a 1 prayer pure?
  9. I haven't seen these new updates. Where are the new training places and why are they so good? Not sure how the new helmet would be better for training though. I think I'd rather have 5 attack bonus from warriors helmet over no attack bonus and just 3 strength.
  10. I was in walmart in New Hampshire for work for a week and seen a f2p runescape guide for sale there. Had guides for quests, skill guides, and a moster list/drop. EDIT: Looking at the picture, it was that exact book. I'd say it has to be official to be able to show the pictues legally.
  11. Besides working at a job or something to get that $50-$75 for that 10 mill. It's not like real life cash is any easier to get.
  12. What's the big deal? For every account sold eBay there is at least 4-5 sold/traded on the top 2 black market sites. It's not like it's that big of a deal, it's just going to push them into looking on google for another way to find their accounts to buy and they will just end up on these websites where it's much easier to buy them. That's all, it's not like eBay is helping anything. Just making it easier on them.
  13. Uhh...they've been de-listing that stuff for 3-4 years at least now :? yes, I stated that in the first post, but its a start. It is one of the largest (if not the largest) place for selling things online, it scattered them out a bit :P . At MOST, eBay would be the 3rd largest. EDIT: And I don't see what's the big deal. I have had people at my school buy mills before. Why? Because they work too much to make it themself, so it's like trading. They could be home playing the game and getting the money in game, but too busy so they are taking their work ours to trade for what could be in-game hours.
  14. Not sure if it is the worst but I have never used cannon before and decided to take it up to KBD almost 2 years ago. At the time, I had bought a ranger set(wasn't cheap) and took about 5k balls and about 10k mith arrows since there was a safe spot then. So I got up there, and just set up the cannon and ran over to the safe spot. Then I get soultaker pk, the leader of TD(I was a member of TD then) that there was a miniwar. I logged out, switched to that world, and logged back in. I started to run out of the place and the KBD 3-4 hit me and I died. Lost it all, and I was pissed to say the least. I just felt so stupid...and now that I think about it, it was pretty stupid.
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