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  1. lol, I don't think there would be much point to a one player massive multi player online role-playing game...
  2. wow...i think saying your own guiltiness helped at to the deterent...if i could, id pat this guy on teh back.
  3. lol, i like skirts...i wear a skirt when i can lol...and when i go into widly and own someone i say "you got owned by a cross dresser. You suck" haha so funny
  4. Combat: Strength Non Combat: Hard to say...i guess smithing If mercanting was a skill, id choose that above all
  5. lol, i was lvl 3 and training and had 1 health left, and got killed by one of thso e tiny spider s rofl...a lvl 1 killed me nooo
  6. lol, FFVII:Advent Children Cloud: "Please...Stay in my memories"
  7. lolz, mine would have to be - Cloud strife FFVII: Advent Children
  8. lol, i totaly agree!!! it gets way too hallsesome...
  9. yup novalyfe = unstoppable
  10. i think rich would be where you could buy anything you want, at anytime. That would be rich,
  11. Yah i agree...DO IT JAGEX!!!!!! (By the way: strenght 60 attack 50 mining 65 smithing 55 toatal lvl 650 or something) ADD ME!! nuetronist (runescape username)
  12. Count me in man!!!! I don't really know whats goin on but hey! It sounds good! Add me!!!!! nuetronist (runescape username). (next thing is a testing thing)
  13. Hey, I've been thinking about this ( im new to rune tips [ not runescape ] :P ), maybe its to attract more players to become member becuase you know how its an only members item :D go me! :lol:
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