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  1. That vid was awesome. I loved the editing and all the pre-made images that were used in combination with the effects. I gotta say that this is one of the best vids I have ever seen in the Graveyard section (ive seen about 200+ :roll: ). Keep up the good work
  2. I like your arguments but I do disagree because: 1. Free market: at least I hope this applies here. Runescape is (partially) a free market. This was almost murdered by JaGex by installing the trade limit and having controls over prices. If someone wants to sell items with "junk" they should have the right to do that. If someone really wants the item but doesn't want to get "junktraded" they can push the button that says decline and walk away. The people who sell "junk" are just using marketing strategy to get rid/make profit from there excess bank space. 2. I kinda make money with Grand Exchange merchanting so please stay away from my infinit money source :evil: ;)
  3. Tactic. I personally agree with the opinion that free too play safing is a bad thing but I will never call them "noobish". See safing is just getting an "advantage" above your oponnent (typo sorry), so this comparable to a high defence or a high strength level. The whole idea of pures is to get an advantage above other players in your combat range. So if they are called heroes why are safers (who use plain tactics to gain advantage) noobish? Especially with the big knock out punchers like the dark bow and the godswords (always have range prayer on for the pjers in pvp :thumbsup: ). Bottom line: if you hate safers don't fight them problem solved. I personally hate tank rangers (no offense) and therefore I won't fight them. No unnescesary hate used. If the whole world would do this our lives would be much brighter \ . So yeah tactics.
  4. I personally think the gravedigger random event is awesome. I was at the God wars dungeon ranging Aviansies and I got the gravedigger random event. I was able to store all my loot in the Mausoleum and could continu my killing spree without banking and getting all the way back past the scary wolves :ohnoes:. So yeah the gravedigger random event is a useful one.
  5. Well for this one I need a sentence which I personally don't like, well here it comes..: IT'S JUST A GAME YO?! :-w . I mean weren't you that player who slayed the dragon or killed a rat...or a lovely chicken. That's sounds more like animal abuse to me than shooing a filfthy dog :shock: ~Niels586
  6. I think that most people (unless the fair woodcutters and ess miners) feel sorry for our fellow runescaper that has to work hard for cash. But since buying/selling real life cash for Runescape money is forbidden in rule 12 (see the report abuse button :wink: ) they should'nt be allowed in the game. Even if they keep the economy steady but that's my opinion : ~Niels586
  7. Well this is what I think. I think that the pures who call someone a safer should search for people with the same opinion that safing is bad. If you play soccer you wouldn't run to a tennis club and shout: Z0miG4wd y00 t3nn1s n3wbs.. So in my opinion safers should fight safers and if you don't agree, use bind or barrage or teleblock or whateva to keep your victim with you. ~Niels586
  8. nioerdl;.sxd56tr8u9i65 (big fat elbos)
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    hey babe i got money 8-)
  10. 2.61799387799149436553855316722329? nah got 13 already :XD: edit: tpum 250 +
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