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  1. Anyone else as disappointed as I am that after the massive success of CoD4 (Infinity Ward ftw) Treyarch isn't getting the hint and they're bringing the series back into the WWII era? :wall: On the plus side I don't think I've ever been more excited for a game to be released =P~ I've been trying to stay up to date on the game and everything I've seen/read has just been amazing. I'll go as far as saying you'll be hard pressed to find me during the month of November :lol: P.S. I apologize if the whole WWII thing's already been discussed, I didn't read every page of the thread.
  2. Well.. I demand a cookie in replacement then :roll: And so help me if that cookie isn't delicious :evil:
  3. Ah well I've speculated that there must be a few, and I've personally met one, but anytime I meet one is a treat :
  4. Chinning is fairly gone now that the monkies don't spawn off their own bones :? 8/10 For the bank ;) Get a santa.. then you'll be cool(er) :mrgreen:
  5. Lol this is awesome, I've been thinking a lot about how cool a prayer pure would be, and what do ya know there is one! :D Good luck with all your goals :
  6. It seems like just the other day I was thinking about way back when you would see the occassional Chompy Hat clad ranger running around, and how since my return to Runescape 3 months ago I've yet to see one :shock: Way to throw out an old school goal :thumbsup: I support this 100% and I'll probably be checkin up on ya often... Good luck :mrgreen:
  7. So to begin with I think this is an amazing idea, and you really put it together nicely. Easy to read with alotta good images and you've covered most of the bases, doesn't leave a lot to be questioned. There's only one thing that I disagree with, the Dragon Bolts (as well as the Dragon Crossbow) can't be untradeable. My main arguement would be the fact that the Dragon Bolts are a very rare drop, on an incredibly powerful dragon, and they only drop 7 - 12 at a time. I don't know if you've ever fought Mithril Dragons, but you'd be very lucky to kill 10 in a trip with even the highest of levels. So essentially for the Adamant Dragon to be worth killing at all, you'd need the rarest drops to be tradeable, or no one would bother grinding it to get the weapon.
  8. Prepare to be hated on for your epic steel dragon luck :ugeek: I've sunk over 2M in runes over the course of 67 - 73 magic on iron and steel dragons without a drop better then an R2H #-o Clearly you pwn me :? PS. I shall be flaming you in game, as well as asking you to join me on my (epicly phailing) visage hunt to pass on a little of that luck :lol:
  9. Intense range xp in one day :shock: Congrats on 99HP btw! :thumbsup: PS. No more skeleton monkey chinning :? As of the graphics update they no longer spawn from bones. Although this could be a temp error (like the barrows safespot).
  10. True that it may be easier to get multiple items in one clue, but the two in that picture is clearly offset. My guess would be fake :geek:
  11. Nothing too terribly awesome, decided to start keeping a log as of May 14, have had many better clues over the years.. just never bothering keeping a record. [hide=May 14 - Trimmed Kite][/hide] [hide=May 17 - Sara Full Helm][/hide] [hide=June 10 - Zammy Legs][/hide] [hide=June 13 - Sara Plate][/hide] [hide=June 20 - Trimmed Full Helm][/hide] [hide=June 22 - Gold Trimmed Kite][/hide] So as stated nothing too amazing, I just get a fairly consistent amount of fairly good clues.
  12. I think the lack of updates for the Champions mini-game stems from the fact that it's incredibly rare to be challenged in the first place. I've been playing RS for 4 years now, and I've yet to recieve even one challenge let alone all 12 (granted I've probably only played for one year). Still, I think you'd be hard pressed to find multiple people with all the challenges completed.
  13. What an amazing analysis... Look at the full screen picture at the guy in full dragon. You'll see the in game version of dragon med will not have changed. Just the convo version is changed (probably). And please don't come up with: "D med has gone up yesterday, this is a clear sign blablabla". D med was at it's alch price, so it's normal that it fluctuates a bit there. Well putting aside the fact that you said that in somewhat of a rude way, my theory still works. Remember that I said I was going to use the D Med as an EXAMPLE, I was in no way saying that was how it was going to happen specifically for that item. In my previous example take D Med and replace it with X, and the equation still works. PS. To attempt to argue with me about the D Med specifically you must have completely ignored my second sentance in my first post.
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