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  1. Easy tokkul the page where people post the easy way to tokkul..... Heres mine: Put ur charetcer option on auto retaliate, open up the tip.it forums let ur charecter fight the monsters while u look around the forum EASY now lets here urs!
  2. planks are lvl 20 wildy but i wouldnt go there anymoe maybe be very dangerous!
  3. its nothing to do with lvls its jsut how you do it.....u can be lvl 20 and do the quest and a lvl 100 could be killed its the skill u have not the lvls although lvl do help alot
  4. I read something on the tip.it site about saying its jsut pointless armour.... cant find it though sorry anway theres nothing rare in it jsut get rid of it
  5. a Champion scroll is a scroll which is basically a challenge by the monster that u killed to get it. I killed 200 skeletons and got a champion scroll I went to the champions guild and killed the king of skeletons Thats basically what they are.....to get one u must have done the dragon slayer quest. You cannot increase the chance of getting one (i dont know anything that will) and you get them very randomly ( u can kill 500 and not get 1, then u move to a different animal and u can get one only in 17)
  6. yeah i thought rs was quite big but not that big.....it does get a bit boring after a while. Ive heard the Knight Online is getting bigger...
  7. heres a skill rising money making formula: gold bars + emerald + heat + enchanting = dueling ring = 3k - 8k THE MONEY MAKING FORMULA note: u will still make a massive prophet even if u bulk buy the materials Bigger Note: I am enchanting jewelry for free ruby or lower just pm me
  8. I use to be a pure.....untill one day i found a bone spear and thought hmm...intresting attacked a monster and got lvl 2 def (i dont regret it pures are so boring!!). So i decided to train defence....got board carried on doing other things. I was combat lvl 67 when i did the quest lol how easy it was....i went in with green dragon hide legs and ruen chainmail and dragon longsword with power ammy and one way teleport to varrock. I had 8 lobbies with me which i have to admit i never used. When u enter the cage of the dragon go strait to the left in that gap and hey uve bascialy killed the dragon without attacking it! now when ur ready jsut side step the barrier attack then go back in. in no time its dead.....it wasnt much of a challenge when i had my dragon long so i never used the cover after about 3 attacks. my stats when fighting the dragon were...attack: 60, strength: 62, defence: 40, prayer: 26, hitpoints: 59 now that was a long but easy quest
  9. awesoem place is rock crabs....they are seriously annyoing for other players but still its the best place! u need to awaken the rock crabs yourself though, i just run around awaking them up then let the cannon kill!
  10. dragon long is very good i was only lvl 56combat with 62str and i could hit 24's! g maul is ok but very slow: took on a mossy in wildy at lvl 48combat and won lol obby maul never used but better than g maul dds gd special attack-use it with a d long or scimi or b axe rune hally-gd for training and money making (i did kill iron drags, got a d med. best ever drop for me exspecially since i was lvl 60combat) 600k though...if u want to get karils x bow then i reccomend u buy a cannon and start training then sell cannon for 100k more
  11. i wear...nothing except pouches and rune ess!
  12. Markup


    i did look at the mini game guide it only said thta uu didnt lose ur items if u were doing the duels
  13. Markup


    in the tzharr mini game when ur trying to get the lava cape if u die do u lose ur items?
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