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  1. I'm working on getting all my stats to 90+ and planning on doing slayer at the same time I train my combat stats up. But I haven't really tracked what the new releases/best equipment is for particular stats, especially range. What's some decent (and cost effective, I'm poor ;) ) range equipment I can use while slaying? Armor and weapons (arrows/bolts/whatever included) should I be using? Obviously going to depend on the task (I'll also be maging some tasks I'm sure, but don't need as much help with that, as I already have equipment for mage).
  2. At 87 rc, about what xp/hr can I expect to get from runespan?
  3. I have no intention of going to QBD, so royal c-bow is out of the question. Can I still use royal bolts with any other c-bow? (It's been quite a while since I trained range, and I don't pay that much attention to updates.)
  4. I'm thinking about starting up slaying again, but doing some mage and range to help get those skills up as well. What would be some decent gear (not overly expensive, either) that I could use? And what weapon/ammo and spells should I use?
  5. Oops I forgot about a cape - was planning on using Ardy 3. ;) Yes my stats are in my sig.
  6. It's been quite a while since I've done Fight Caves, and I haven't yet tried it since the release of Gano/Polypore. But I have a task and chose to try it again, so here we are. Is there really any major differences between Fight Caves with Gano vs. older methods? Excluding Jad here - I know there's major differences there (protect Range the entire time, or so I believe). I'm more referring to waves 1-62. Setup: Slayer Helm Arcane Stream Necklace Gano Top + Bottom Ardy Cape 3 Polyporic Staff Illuminated Unholy Book Infinity Boots Barrows Gloves Tokkul-Zo Ring Reverence Is this a good setup? It's what I've been told to use by a friend but I'm seeking confirmation. Also, never used a Polyporic Staff before, so are the casts just charged into the staff beforehand, and no need for anything else? Inventory would be helpful too. And Prayers - should I be staying on curses, or go back to regular prayers? Thanks anybody that can help =)
  7. Why make spec restores? I'm not sure what I'd really be using them for, and according to Grimy's info they lose a lot more then Super Antifires. And on that note, the best way to make super antis is to just buy the antifires, not make the antifires myself?
  8. Currently at 85 Herblore, looking to get up to 92 or so so I can boost to overloads. What's the most cost-efficient thing to make?
  9. It does, thank you =) I'll probably try that out sometime in the near future to try and get some more ugunes. Trying to get back into farming so I can get to torstols and (more importantly to me) higher levels.
  10. Firemaking in the lair to get seeds? This is the first I've heard of this. Would you mind explaining it?
  11. I need to get some more juju farming pots and I don't have any ugunes. What's the best thing to catch to try and get some? Also, on a side note, are calquats worth planting? A friend told me they were, but they're almost 32k for a seed for 12k exp... not sure if it's worth it now (he told me they used to be about 1 gp/xp. Now, closer to 3 gp/xp.)
  12. What good does the air staff do if you're using tabs?
  13. I mined granite w/ SC picks until 77, which is where I was when LFM came out. Did that to 82 (took me that long to get golden mining suit lol.) and then conc gold to 99
  14. ZMI is the by far the fastest exp. Runecrafting in general is boringly slow, though graahking is still one of the faster ways to train it (at about 20k exp/hr lol.) and on the side, makes a fair bit of cash. I always hear ZMI ends up being about 55-60k/hr, but in my experience it's always closer to 40k. Maybe I'm just slow though ;)
  15. Well I got 86 agil last week and finally moved on to gnome advanced course (was recommended I wait until 86, I know I could have at 85), and now I'm aiming for 90. Getting agile legs (top? I always mix em up lol) from gnome first, but after that, is gnome still the best experience? Pretty sure I heard about something new in the past few weeks, but too lazy to go try to find out what :S
  16. Ah that makes more sense (about the two spawns)... but 6 traps? This is new to me :S
  17. Last week I heard somebody say they can catch 500-550 red chins per hour at 98 hunter. Back when I was hunting, I maxed at around 380 w/ full larupia. Was there an update I just missed, or a new method that I don't know about? I can believe either one, I haven't hunted red chins in over 2 years :P
  18. One chin won't get you very far. I'd go with what Quyneax said, the spot I always used was right next to a lake. And the setup he says is correct. And dpending on your level depends how many you can get. At 80+ you can catch 300+ an hour, my good hours I caught a max of about 380.
  19. My current respawn point is in Fally, and I'm looking to try and move it to Edgy/SW. Talking to Zimberfizz doesn't give me an option to move it to SW, so where do I go to move it?
  20. Chinning is the fastest method but expensive. If you want a cheaper method, try bronze knives w/ void range at yaks (or something similar - not sure how crazy yaks is now). Fremmenik Isles is needed for this method.
  21. Ros is right. At 99 fishing w/ lobster I got about 120 rocktails/hr. And hey Ros! :D
  22. 82-99 mining off of gold with the golden mining suit is getting me enough for 80-97 smithing just by making them into bars. Almost done mining, thankfully :D just another 155k or so exp till 99. The only downside to smelting is the cost. Gold ores are around 215 while gold bars are around 125. What I'm planning on doing is making them into emerald bracelets after I finish smelting, to make more money AND get some crafting exp with it. =)
  23. Tons of bots in p2p as well. Just pointing that out ^^
  24. Also, what's the exp/hr for smithing gold w/ goldsmith gauntlets?
  25. Won't be dropping because part of my incentive is money. And yeah, partly for afking lol
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