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  1. im always stared at lips lol i thought because i want to kiss them
  2. I think Faraday was right. Whatever happened, happened. I don't think Sawyer and Jack and those people are actually in the past. They're still traveling forward in time, they're still getting older, but instead of going from the year 2005 to 2006, they went from 2005 to 1974(I know they traveled to different time periods before that, but I don't remember the years). This explains why Rousseau didn't recognize Jin when they met in season 1 and why Ben isn't dead.
  3. why nobody reply you guy not care about brett favre?
  4. packer superstar brett lorenzo favre try commit suicide earlier 2day but bullet got intercept lmao
  5. yo its the d r e welcome 2 da experiment if u got nasty @ss breath chew a speariment
  6. I've been rewatching season 4 to get ready for season 5. And don't listen to the thread starter, nothing happens with LOST on January 25. The season premiere is January 21 at 8pm.
  7. I have pc beta code! Who wants it?!
  8. He got painting the future from Isaac and dreaming the future from his mom. She used it earlier this season. Nobody gave him the knowledge of his power, he just realized that he could only fly when he was around Nathan and came to the conclusion that he could absorb powers.
  9. Yeah he gets powers from being near people. He doesn't need to know about it at all and he doesn't choose what he takes. He took his mom's power, Nathan's power, Claire's power, etc and he didn't know about any of them.
  10. It doesn't make any sense for Peter to still have his original power. Besides the previews for next week shows Pinehearst is holding Peter captive, if he still had his original power, he would just absorb all the powers back from Arthur and easily get out of there.
  11. But that was a different future that no longer exists. But I still think he'll get his powers back or else he might as well be killed off.
  12. I'm pretty sure Mr. Petrelli chose to kill Adam like that, he can take away someones life if he choses. Because regeneration just heals your body's cells, so when Adam lost his power he would just be a normal person. Also it would explain why everyone is afraid of Petrelli so much, if he can kill you with a touch and does it often then that is much scarier than a person who just takes powers. Look when Parkman's dad was talking to him, he was deathly afraid. If all Mr. Petrelli could do is take away powers it would suck for Parkman, but not close to being life threatening. No Adam died because he's 400 years old. Maury was scared because of how powerful Arthur is.
  13. im demand ip test lol
  14. Sylar's not really a Villain, I don't think, he's just evil. He's not gonna be a hero because he's just gonna try to kill everyone with a power and take their power. [hide=]The preview for next week shows Sylar and Noah working together but I think he either has a hidden agenda or was somehow influenced by Angela Petrelli.[/hide] Niki and Tracy aren't the same person. How can she be alive after she blew up? Even if she somehow survived how would she be working with the Governor a week later? I think it's the real Jessica who was taken by The Company as a child. [hide=]He's gonna be in episode 3(according to wikipedia).[/hide]
  15. [hide=]jesse aka bald man power is sound manipolasion.[/hide]
  16. season premere tonight who watch!?!? it start in 10 minute for me wahoo
  17. hey go played ur gf xbox u sony fanboys! lol
  18. who are watching the games now? im live in san diego but wants the new york bretts to win lol
  19. hey jbl brother were u were been. ? lol dauphin beated patriot
  20. hey guy i went to gay stright allience meeting at school and i sorry but homosexual is wrong!
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