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  1. I once saw a "The Ultimate Fighter" episode where a dude lost 20 pounds in *24 hours* in order to make weight for the fight.. like damn! hehe :) anything is possible and nice job btw :)
  2. I think the guy was killed because of his own stupidity. If what you say is true (he lived in an area largely unhabited by humans), then that guy knew the dangers and should had known better. They shouldn't kill the crocodile.
  3. Are you sure? Yea, I'm. Many modern languages were developed from Latin and Greek. The original Latins were not from North or South America but from the Middle East mostly. Nowadays, many Arabics and people from such ethnic backgrounds (middle east) are of Latin descent. For some reason, many homeosapiens currently residing in the United States of North America believe that "Latin people" is the same thing as "Spanish people" (when it is Hispanic). So what I'm saying is, poorly educated human beings in the U.S. refer to Hispanic homosapiens as "latin" or "spanish". Something random: "Americans" believe that their education system is the greatest in the world when it is barely reaching it; -US- 7th grade: still studying the very bare basics of pre-Algebra -Russia- 7th grade: Studying the basics of Calculus (there is pre algregra, alg1, alg 2, alg 3, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and calc) ^_^
  4. Rarex

    Saw 5

    I haven't seen Saw 1, 2, 3, or 4 but I'm hoping to.. I have a question; Are the Saw series like the scary movie? that scare you.. like the screen is quiet and pretty much blank and all of a sudden a scary thing pops up making weird noices.. or is saw pretty much all blood and kill (gory)? or how is it?
  5. Latin isn't Hispanic Spanish is not Mexican Spanish = People who were born in Spain Being Spanish and being Hispanic are the same thing but not specifically. Hispanic is the main branch which characterizes all spanish-speaking countries/cultures. Latin is like from Egypt or the Middle East :).
  6. I don't consider myself "skinny" nor do I ever plan on being "skinny". I have a friend who is 6'1" 130lbs. I'm 5'7" 155lbs. Of course, a year without lifting or exercise besides karate 3 nights a week has left me with a nice layer of fat over my abs and some muscle loss. If I started eating healthy and running I could drop down to 145 in 2 weeks, easily. My plan is to get on that then start lifting once my weight is down and steady. I wasn't talking about you lol, I was responding to Zox's large post :P Roger that. Remind me to sleep more :-k :P About you: I think you aren't skinny or fat, just regular :). (I edited the post above yours to include 2 extra quotes, btw)
  7. I don't consider myself "skinny" nor do I ever plan on being "skinny". I have a friend who is 6'1" 130lbs. I'm 5'7" 155lbs. Of course, a year without lifting or exercise besides karate 3 nights a week has left me with a nice layer of fat over my abs and some muscle loss. If I started eating healthy and running I could drop down to 145 in 2 weeks, easily. My plan is to get on that then start lifting once my weight is down and steady. I wasn't talking about you lol, I was responding to Zox's large post :P Zox, have you read my huge reply to your huge post? if you haven't, please do. I had a pretty important question for you: "I can't give you any direct advice because I don't know if your goal is to gain more pounds, get buffer, perhaps appear bigger, get skinny-toned arms, or toned arms. Tell me and I + others shall help. So, what is your goal :P?" oh and, you should consider 1 set = 10 rep (repetitions) like the whole world does. 8 reps per 1 set can be complicated at times (trying to plan out your working out hour & ect) and 10 is truly better. 8 is easier but 10 is what everyone does! so: 1 set = 10 reps
  8. Ranger, to the level of toneage that he had, he couldn't achieve it with just at home work outs (push ups, tricep dips, ect).. a year IS more than enough time to get toned but not if you dont go to the gym/fitness center/workout/weights anyways 2:59pm ,posted a picture, going back to the "gym" for another 1hr work out.. lets see if anyone is there. bye
  9. oh yea, wanted to say something else. today is no school for me. yesterday I saw this dude who last year had no arms and now, all of a sudden, has toned arms! like wtf? obviously steroids, as he is never at the gym and whenever I see him at my gym class, he cant even do 15 push ups. Its pathetic ppl who take steroids. thats it.
  10. I found some pictures on me on my phone - taken before vacations. It's a Sanyo SPC-8400 and I lost the USB port, I guess I will use my camera. Will take & post pictures soon. Lol 20 pounds in 3 months can be done easily with McDonalds everyday. 20 pounds of pure muscle is quite hard for just 3 months, but 20 healthy, general, pounds in 3 months is achievable. In the photo you posted, you don't seem that skinny. Perhaps it could be the angle. Anyways, re-thinking it, you are "quite" (not really skinny) skinny. Your hope-to-be eating plan seems humane and reasonable. What I eat is: meat, chicken, beef, stake bananas white eggs white rice jam & cheese sandwich red meat That is what I eat at least once a weak. White rice, I eat it daily cuz my culture tells me to. Your home gym seems to be able to do lots of helpful things. I think you should put a poster of some hot chick behind it so you aren't just staring into a wall :lol: . Also, get some type sound-projecting device. Like music. It is something else that keeps you going. Sometimes (for me at least), when a song hits its climax, I just start thinking of 90 undesireable moment sthat have happened to me and I just go crazy and all this adrenaline helps me out. Just a little "trick" that can give gud motivation. You should get an EZ Bar and Dumbbells (20lb to 35lb). You should start with 20lb or 15lb dumbbells for each arm and work your away up to 25. Of course, you will be able to even do 35 but you won't last very long. You should do 20/15lbs until they are pretty much weightless (sounds crazy but ye, thats how), then move on to 25 until they're weight less. Do Bicep Curls. There are many positions you can do them in. Sitting & standing are the main positions but the way you place your hands & palms also affect the work out. ez bar: Sometimes, after I'm done working out and have to wait around 30 minutes for the bus to come and pick me up, I go buy some snack. A sncikers or perhaps a penut butter & jelly sandwich - I know it may not be healthy but I'm like "wutevaaaaaaa" cuz I just finished a 2hr work out. Do you know how I am being realistic unlike many people who say "eat 2k calories, do this, do that"... :). I can't give you any direct advice because I don't know if your goal is to gain more pounds, get buffer, perhaps appear bigger, get skinny-toned arms, or toned arms. Tell me and I + others shall help. [me] Went to gym @ area where I live (as I explained in prevous posts, the "gym" is small) at 12:17. Left at 1:21pm, Been at the pc since 2pm (now 2:18pm). Hoping to go back for another hour then do another hour at home. Sounds crazy, I know, but I have zero else to do so whyyyyyyyy not? Mainly focusing on my stomach and triceps. I wil ltry to get a picture soon. Will attempt to take one of me holding a 40lb dumbbell with my right arm and camera on left then antoher one at my local gym perhaps. Hi! edit: this is me holding an invisible dumbbell (it was too complicated getting a good shot w/ a camera on 1 hand, dumbell on other) [hide=picture of me - big - right arm][/hide]
  11. What happened to freedom of speech and liberty? Can't the neighbors take simple jokes? are they that vulnerable? If a 82/83 year old women annoys them, then damn, they should get out and see the world. or have they lived a perfect little life? I think it's sad. She got a restriction order from her *own* house of 41 years for just annoying the neighbors... sad.. great example of how the first amendment of the US Constitution is totally ignored nowadays and is pretty much nonexistent. Sad
  12. Rarex

    who wear jeans?

    I wear jeans. Not too tight, or tight at all, or not too loose. They just have to be comfortable.
  13. Haha lol thats funny. That reminds me of two jackass episodes: one was the one when a dude was in a monkey suit going all around town lol. I always laugh hard at that one.. and when he had a banana in a hand and a whiskey bottle in the other xD the other one was that dude running around the UK or Britain in a lil girls out fit lol, he was hopping and all. so gay but so funny xD
  14. Post about funny moments you have had in your life. Try to explain in such detail that others can understand it and perhaps see why it's funny. While in the boys locker room, someone turned the lights off and people were screaming funny stuff and some dude screamed "Kill All Straight". Was funny. Anyways, that's one of mine. Post yours :D?
  15. Wow. All those intense workout, super results, and still not willing to post a pic? I'm going to suppose you're not seeing the results you want because you're an idiot and won't listen to me. So I'll tell you again. Lifting with the same muscles every day will get you very little results. You're not resting your muscles enough for them to rebuild themselves. But if you want to keep being an arrogant little punk, by all means enjoy your worthless workouts. You could be building so much more muscle, but you think you know what's good for you and you're really hurting yourself in the process. I don't set out or think about what I will do before I start my work out - I do all 3 "main" areas of the arms - biceps, triceps, and deltoids -.-. I haven't posted a picture because i haven't taken one, why? because I haven't found some good motivation.. I would go on but you would think "he's just excusing himself -.-".. thing is, I haven't found motivation so I haven't pushed myself hard enough to reach the point I was before summer vacations. I will see how the next week or two goes and depending on how hard I have pushed myself - we will see if I upload a picture :). Why don't you post a picture of yourself :P? I know you have asked me the same, and i will see -.-. The first time I was asked, I was pumped/excited about it first because everything was going good for me so far on that day but things started going downhill the next day. Think whatever you want -.- (I know this might sound to you like a desperate & lame attempt at making an excuse) Anyways, yesterday (friday) I didn't let my hopes down and did a 1hr work out @ home (mainly sitting & standing bicep curls) followed by a bike ride. Today, I did my 1hr workout. Good so far. Also found a real cool website about japanese girls :lol: ( I think I found true motivation, yo ). (website: ) Think what you want, I don't care. I at one point "enjoyed" it. Not really enjoyed, but not "not like it" either. Nor did I think about it - I just did it. Anyways :) Iono what else to say. Tomorrow will be Sunday and ye :)
  16. Because the rest of the english-speaking countries use "football" as to describe "soccer". I just think it is stupid, when whoever created football, didnt he think of this? or was he/she that unoriginal. The football -> soccer thing isn't the only stereotype for Americans lol, there are tons of other words and many more things. Such as temperature - U.S. is pretty much the only country who uses Fahrenheit. As for your question, the answer fro me would be yes. Why? When a regular "American" sees some football dude on TV walking/running, he/she usually thinks that that person is tough, big, and strong. Boom, right there. Its sissy -.-
  17. The word football is inside "" because every english-speaking country, except the U.S. of A, uses the word football as to describe "soccer". This topic is mainly about which sport is better. That includes comparing all aspects of both sports, such as which is rougher, which is more exciting, and ect. Voice your opinions and remember to mention some examples :). Personally, I think Rugby is a lot more rougher. I think American Football is overrated by Americans themselves but since I live in the U.S., I haven't attended a true Rugby game (like some huge stadium packed with people, somewhere in Europe?). I have many more reasons why I think American Football is overrated. Of course, I know the majority of users of this board (and the World Wide Web as well ) were born or live in the U.S., so biased opinions are expected. Why biased? because for pretty much every "American", all they have seen is American Football. One last thing, when American Football originally started in the U.S., it was Rugby but as the years progressed, people became concerned about the safety of the players, and it has therefore evolved to the overrated sport it is today (the whole body of a player is literally covered with pads -.^!). So anyways, voice your opinions.
  18. [me] Week has been going good so far. Regular thing as always: 2hr workout ea day Hoping I can keep it up :) dont wanna waste too much time typing, atm 7:03pm.
  19. Gonna be hard to escape with an helicopter on your trail :ohnoes: Good work but just wondering, how is the new server any different from the previous one? Or is just faster? If we can know :)
  20. What I was going to reply until board went weird. Around 7 posts got deleted You serious? When I work out it's all about my own bubble, closing myself off to focus my entire being on my workout. Everything else is just a distraction; that type of situation, having the gym all to myself, would be amazing. It isn't really a "gym", it is a fitness center for where I live. There are various dumbbells on one side, 4 cardio machines, and 1 multi-purpose "strength" machine. That is all that is to it. there is a pool in front of it but the pool is closed. Its pretty small and small choice of machines. For mon-fri, I workout at my school gym which is a lot better and bigger :). Very easy to find motivation there and very hard to give up. sometimes, usually when I leave the gym at ~5:11pm, the gym was totally empty when I was working out, so after Ireached my 2hr goal, I went to the locker room to change up, I just put my bookpack on and head on, then I see girls and say "f it" or "f that" and go right back to working out. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Anyways.. the gym I was talking about isn't that big.. as described i nthe first paragrpah 5:43pm, still trying to find motivation to do that 1hr workout :)
  21. You're so right man, I mean, c'mon. An unattractive guy who doesn't work out? Wow, I bet he's a complete loser. That chick should totally be yours dude. Maybe you should go beat him up and call him gay, that would teach him. P.S. I don't like you. Lollll. You do realize you have a thread about physical exercise on a RUNESCAPE Fan Site? I work out sometimes... It gets boring though. Yes, I got a brain too You have to realize that this is in the Off Topic forums and *most* who post here are semi-retired, inactive, or retired from RunEscape. Most people who reply to this topic in particular work out, are interested into, want some advice, want to discuss anything working out related, or want to flame my opinions and beliefs. We, or I, can help you out with that boring part if you share what you want to achieve out of working out. Or are you just testing it out with no definitive goal? Tell us :)
  22. lol yea, im cracking up irl. a beer in my left hand :(. ye. I think I wanna try a miller light on the left hand while a dumbbell in the right and me signing. dude that would be so scrwed up and hilarious
  23. grats! rugby is so much rougher than American Football :( im signing that song that goes like "barbie".. ye... :(
  24. I found a teacher of the head poms coach of dec 2006.. damn.. shizzle.. i wish i was a year older so I would be around in dec 06 in HS :) rehosted with imageshack so you cant tract down where I live :( Pretty fine to me. I'm gonna keep searching yo ^_^ I JUST FOUND SOME MOTIVATION. [hide=her]She was the Head Poms Coach for the 2006-2007 school year.. this picture was around dec 2006.. as far as I could track down [/hide] This picture has just given me motivation.
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