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  1. I didn't even think of that myself (the stew), maybe I'll go for 85 now. Cheers :thumbsup: .
  2. Because BK officials (if any were there at the time) attentions would have been on the war itself at the time. It's difficult to instantly punish people without actually knowing what they have done. Hence they rely on people being able to provide evidence of any offences.
  3. BK always have, and always will punish flamers. Anyone who's been around long enough knows that.
  4. Good job BK + TT, not happy that I missed the war :-( Oh, and lol @ those people trying to get BT DQ'd for the win, can't get much sadder than that. Just be gracious in defeat please.
  5. Have replaced vid with better quality version :-) BK VS. CR LINK
  6. Enjoyed the fight, was close until the last 10 minutes. Great performance considering how outlevelled we were.
  7. Regarding Abs checking your 120+. We've rarely done fight with a cap on 120+, so I doubt Abs would have known to wait to check at centre. We'll be sure to remember for the future though. As for Tiny knowing he was your first pile, it was nothing to do with your ex-member, or anyone else spying on you. While waiting for the start one of your group said he was the first pile in public chat, which our watchers noticed so it got back to us. Was a good fight anyway, I enjoyed my sniping session towards the end of the fight (I was PlXEL PlRATE).
  8. jukkie

    BK v DF (TLOL)

    2 kills for me GF DF.
  9. Best - Domination (R.I.P, best mage bank clan in 2005) Worst - Wilderness Guardians (are they dead yet?).
  10. I think these boards are generally more laid back with less drama, so can understand why a lot of people prefer it here. The problem is, if you do start getting more of the higher ranked clans coming here, you will also get the drama that follows them around. tip.it is probably best the way it is now. I've never been an active poster here, but do like to read a few threads every now and then.
  11. Had to step out, was great fun to watch though. Honestly thought we'd lost it when it was 6-3 to TDM.
  12. 'The' massed sniped, and found you waiting outside our portal a couple of times waiting for returners. All that after refusing to fight us under any terms except your own... Whatever, good fight I suppose
  13. That'll never happen with their current memberlist.
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