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  1. Well download the video you want through a link or some type of video downloader. Connect your psp to s usb cord hooked up on your pc. browse through to *:///videos/ or get somehting like Total video converter( google it) unhook and it shoudl be in movies section
  2. Nortans ok,if its the 2004 edition :P .Use a REAL browser,IE 6 pwns,firefox clogs your whole system,i suggest you use IE 6,or FF 1.0
  3. Before you go off and post your HJT log,go to http://hijackthis.de/ first.It will tell you what is wrong,if anything is.
  4. It wouldn't matter anyways. Tutorials = http://www.pixel2life.com/tutorials/adobe_photoshop/
  5. Yo you blind? theres a border on them all. Well your borders usually end in certain places. I think eckered is referring to those spots that you left "unbordered." I messed up when malking them.
  6. Yo you blind? theres a border on them all.
  7. Give me CC to. I made those for harry my friend and me.
  8. I trust you all the way. He has been acting a bit...... i dont know...... FISHY. Smells really bad too...... Sorry that was me :oops: DANGIT, NOT AGAIN! I'll go get the Frebreeze... Kuroi_Ame can i get a tut for a sig like yours?
  9. freehosta.com is pro,but there is no site editor,u gotta make it from Raw html
  10. probly all my meals i can eat in 3 mins(not bragging or anything i just know whats coming)
  11. these are my specs to help you out processor:AMD Sempron 2800+,MMX,3DNow, ~2.0GHz Memerory:512 MB Ram Display: Name:NVIDIA GeForce 4 MX 4000(not so good) Memery:64MB(not bad but not so good) Monitor:Plug And Play Moniter (o__O) Sound: Name:Realtec AC97 Audio (not so sure) Type:WDM Thats about it
  12. zzxxccvv

    Should I?

    "Based on a true story"
  13. lol o__O are you serious i would recall it having one of the worst.Opera and IE are way safer in my opinion...i dont see why everyone is such a firefox fan i use firefox for video downloading..pretty much it
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