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  1. That's irrelevant, if he bought supplies before he should sell them for 50-100% profit before/during the weekend. Using them would mean he is paying that 50%-100% extra per potion.
  2. Is w16 air company dead now? I think that's how the current top F2P'ers got their 99 rc.
  3. Rum Deal, Rogue's Den and fish flingers are not included either, yet they all have untradeable rewards. So why should Castle Wars be a requirement? (with a ridiculous ammount of games) Either include them too or your point is invalid imo. Jagex probably forgot about those.
  4. Should be worth noting that firemaking with horn is about 50% cheaper also. Getting that 3560k xp without horn will cost ~7.4m more. So if you save 0.25 hours not using the horn, you would have to value your time at like 30m/hr.
  5. He said you're break even if you can fill the horn in 9.7 hours. So it would always be efficient since filling it never takes that long unless the teams are REALLY bad.
  6. Your forgetting combat brings in the cash aswell - Combat costs next to nothing really. I think he's talking about spending 7500 hours at cave crawlers. Which might be efficient but not very realistic imo.
  7. It's now affected by Desperado, so wouldn't that be a good thing? T10 is 330k tokens, for an essentially useless class now. ??
  8. Completionist cape requirements are being discussed on HLF, Mod Chris said all spells+prayers unlocked is another requirement. So all from livid farm, bones to peaches, god spells, dung reward prayers as I understand it.
  9. "On complexity levels 2-5, there is a chance that you will receive 50% less XP for mining, fishing, woodcutting, farming or thieving certain resources (the majority of resources in a dungeon will give you full XP). These resources are placed in lower complexity dungeons so that you can get used to how the skill works before moving on to higher complexities; as such, we did not intend them to be power-trained on for XP, and we have lowered their XP rates accordingly." http://www.runescape.com/kbase/guid/dungeoneering_faq
  10. I was doing the tank method just fine last night? :???:
  11. I'm surprised at how many people here would bind gauntlets over a plate. I'm 113 dg and never seen anyone with gaunts bound. :blink: My current binds are hood, primal 2h, primal plate and laws. I key a lot so I'd probably just get legs as 4th bind.
  12. I don't think S U O M I would since he already has 200m dg xp. For Paperbag, once you get 100 or 105 dg and have easy access to good teams, dung is actually pretty fun. And very fast xp.
  13. No it's not true. That's just as much bs as all this planet Nibiru etc. stuff. Someone on youtube saying it's a fact doesn't make it one. http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html On-topic: I hope the problems in those nuclear power plants don't escalate too much. Focus should be on trying to rescue tsunami survivors now while they might still be alive. A large scale nuclear accident (though unlikely) would not help the rescue operations at all.
  14. This is pretty good too. (not mine and is a few weeks old now)
  15. ZMI is 65k+ xp/hr. Also a considerable amount of rc xp can be gained from effigies. Not sure if you're trolling but many of the top players don't seem to have a problem with focusing on a skill 15+ hours a day for months. :shades:
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