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  1. How do you get pics for this lol. A private server? It would takes months for pics!
  2. Wow. Pretty good guide. But just do this on your main? Much easier and quicker!
  3. Well to your question, I'm going to make sure I have full load rannarrs. A long time, but oh well, worth it Inventory DDS 8 Sharks Varrock Runes After load will be 25 ranarrs 18x7K ea lets say. Do the math.
  4. Souble-Post :o Anyway, where are these things?
  5. Slowest Monster attack is Black Titan. Holy Grail Quest.
  6. Lol. I had no idea I was there. I just saw a huge people there. I had a good 'ld chat with the Wise Old Man and went onto finish some quests.
  7. Sorry. I'll set the scenario. I am number 5 in woodcutting and I am in the finals. Its the last round! Oh no, I'm grounded. Just lost a annual opportunity. I reckon, make lower rewards and make it like CastleWars. Quick like 20Min.
  8. I don't need the donations. I am trying to save up. To help me on my goal, you can domate. I don't care if you don't donate! 86 Woodcutting is ownage way for money. I'm just saying, helping me with cash for D WC axe would make this whole thing a lot quicker
  9. Yes. Always check money for Phats but really, you have to check the second trade screen all the time!
  10. I am going for 99 woodcutting. I currently have 86. 13 Woodcutting levels with a... Lot Of Boredom! So, it's up to you, can you help? If you could donate a bit of money for a Dragon Axe, it would be super appreciated! Every bit counts! I thank you all in advance if you donate!
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