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  1. It's not that they don't dislike pures. It's more that a group shouldn't have an advantage of a different group because they have less levels. As Andrew said, they don't "hate" pures. It's more of a 'we aren't gonna tailor the game to them' thing. You don't wanna level your defence, you're stuck wearing bronze armour. You wanna be a wood cutting pure? You won't be able to weild a better axe than bronze, so you can only cut 27 logs at a time, where I can wield a rune axe, so I can cut 28. It's really a matter of the "pures" complaining that they can't do 'X', because they don't have the defence/strength/farming/etc... Jagex isn't going to say "Oh, you can't get a quest cape cause you only have 60 cb? Let's change that requirement then to be 60 rather than 85". Bottom line, if you choose to be a pure, you choose not to access certain parts of the game. Don't complain, Andrew said that's the way it is, and it won't be changing.
  2. =D> +1 I switch worlds too to get by myself, or find a less crowded area. But why do you insist on saying that it's your spot, you were there first, go away! Every player that plays the game, has every right to be where ever they want to be, doing whatever they want to be doing. That means if you're killing a green dragon, and 5 people show up and start competing for the same green dragon, that is their right. I really hate when people complain because it isn't being done THEIR way. Oh man, PC sucks cause of all the low levels playing. CW's have gone downhill cause somebody did something that I didn't like. Somebody killed me when I was in the wildy minding my own buisness. Grow up, get a life, YOU can treat others the way YOU want to be treated, but here's a reality flash, not everybody will treat YOU the way YOU want to be treated.
  3. I'm only f2p, but I prefer to balance it a bit. I have my goals, like getting all 99's in my stats, but that is a ways off yet. So getting xp as quickly and efficiently as possible, is a must for me. But at the same time, I also want to one day own some kind of rare, so making money at the same time is a must. If you know of anyways to do both, in f2p, I'm all ears... So for me, it all depends on the skill I'm training I guess at the time. But I'm not in it to just accomplish stats or money. I'm in it for fun as well.
  4. Nope, it wouldn't. I am f2p, and just being realistical. I would like this too, but I don't think the "I've got higher stats in a skill, so I'm gonna beat you" mentality should be used for it. How about a game that a player with the minimum requirements (whatever they may be), can compete with a player with all 99's, and beat them. Kind of a castle wars game, where you use your mind instead of your sword, or axe, or pick, or...
  5. Thought through, yes. Thought through well, NO. This is called entrapment and, although used by some law enforcment agencies, is illegal. Also known as baiting. They would be shut down, and multiple legal cases would be brought against them. And they would loose. Jagex isn't bulletproof you know.
  6. Did you know: You can have as many pieces of the skull scepter from the Stronghold of Security as you want, but only one scepter put together at a time. The scepter is untradable, but is helpful in crafting Body Runes.
  7. I am a member right now, but I go back and forth between the two, depending on how busy real life is. And guess what? Your argument is a classic fallacy also: a thinly-veiled argumentum ad hominem. Wow, you did address the very first paragraph of my reply... What about the other ones? Once you can reply to all those, which deal with your suggestions and responses, not you personally, then you may have a relevant point. Untill then, instead of just saying the same things over and over, come up with a new response please. You're getting as bad as Jagex with the automatic resposes :)
  8. Not really. Think about it... You have player X, Y, and Z, and NONE of them currently have a house. Player X builds a house for 10mil. Player X sells house to player Y for 11mil. Player X no longer has a house, so they build another one for 15mil. Player X sells new house to player Z for 17mil. Player X again, no longer has a house, so they build another one for 20mil. As you can see, 45mil has been taken away from the game, but player X has a 20mil house, and an extra 3mil in pocket. How does this add money to the game? It only transfers it from player to player. Actually, it takes MORE money out of the game. This would allow players with virtually no construction experience to have a pretty sweet house built for them by someone with way better construction experience. Still takes money out of the game whether player X or player Y does the building, only player X makes some extra cash for his labor. The only problem I see with this is getting all the high level construction stuff, without doing the work for it. I don't think you should be able to have, say, a coustume room, without being at the level needed to build it. This now gives you an advantage over other players who don't have a costume room, nor have the money to build or purchase one. Now you may say, but I can't make Rune armor, does that mean I don't deserve to have it? That's a little different. The advantage you get in construction is the fact that you now have more space to put stuff, ie: costumes, and thus do not have to take up precious bank space. I personally like the idea, but I'm not sure Jagex would think about implementing it. Plus, I am f2p, so it really doesn't affect me now anyways :D .
  9. LOL. But seriously, if all you're doing is spitting out an idea for an idea, you did great. If you want to encourage discussion, and suggestions, a noble effort. If that's all you got, and want Jagex to implement it, sorry, you do need a little more info. I'm guessing p2p only?
  10. I don't even know why this thread is still open and being posted on (am I a hypocrite or what :lol: )... All that this is, is a greedy member that thinks that anybody not paying doesn't deserve to play the game. So far he has posed these options for f2p... -Get rid of yew trees and make them maples (or just decorative and uncuttable) -cap woodcutting at willows -cut out Swordies and Tuna in f2p -trout and salmon are high enough for fishing in f2p -bronze bars are enough for you to get the finer points of smithing -f2p mining should stop at iron -f2p fishing capped at pike -f2p characters aren't entitled to make piles of money All very true arguments... well, except maybe the piles of money... Now take for example myself. I don't play enough in my mind to warrant purchasing a members account at the moment. But one day I would like to. Now, if I can get my f2p stats up as much as I can, then I will before becoming a member. Cap all the f2p skills even more than they are (that's right, I said they already ARE capped), and how do you propose I get any decent levels before getting members account. You don't care? Fine. You have your opinion, I have mine. Now what about all those members who have these so called "mule" accounts. Just used to fish/cut/mine etc, and then drop trade to their main. Good, great they are all gone. So now, these mains have to buy yews from p2p only. What's that, I can't buy 1000 yews for 300,000 gp? It's gonna cost me 1mil for 1k yews? That bites! Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you don't have bots or mule accounts cutting yews to purchase from. Name 1 member that won't mind prices of things like yews, coal, and lobsters (just to name a few) going through the roof... other than yourself of course. Now, can you honestly say that you have never bought anything in bulk from anybody? If you have, chances are, an autoer or bot have had a hand in it somewhere. Now on to the comment you made that f2p "characters aren't entitled to make piles of money". What is piles of money to you? If a f2p character were to sit and cut 500,000 willows, and sold them for 30gp each, they would have 15mil gp. Is that piles of money? I would say so. If you saw that, then would you say "Why are there willow trees in F2P"? Now as for the only other comment you seem to have, bots aren't the problem, what is exactly? I see a 'bot' any character that does not do the work for that character, ie: a "mule" account for a member a sweatshop worker a macroer an autoer a goldfarmer So then that would mean, according to all your posts, bots are the problem... other than the fact that f2p doesn't deserve to make loads of money. Let's relate this to real life. Communism works off this assumption that the rich get richer, and the poor don't deserve anything other than to slave for the rich, with only enough possessions to get by. Is that what you are looking for? You want Jagex to make a game based on the fact that those who cannot afford, or who don't buy, membership, is a lower class? The argument you seem to have, is that if you're not paying for membership, you shouldn't have anything of value. This and that bots are not the problem, but this will get rid of them completely as there isn't enough money to be made on willows, trout, iron, etc add nauseum. What you fail to see, is that IF f2p players stuck around after Jagex nerfed all their skills, they would buy what they can, and that would mean iron, trout, willows, etc, and thus bots would still have a reason to stick around, cause they could still sell their wares. Notice I have said nothing about bots and mules in p2p? That's cause I'm not p2p, so I don't know what things are like there. But like others have said, if the profit gold farmers make outweigh membership dues, then they will flock there more and more. Perhaps p2p is policed more, and the community does a better job of reporting, but that isn't gonna get rid of all of them. All in all, seeing as Jagex has already set a cap for all the f2p skills, I don't really see them doing more to lower this cap. It would make a lot of people mad, and I'm sorry to say, a lot of people WOULD quit, both f2p and p2p. But as I see you have the right to your opinion, go ahead and keep this thread open and bump it all you want. Put it on the RSOF. Heck, send it to the Queen of England. I don't think you'll get many supporters, as you have seen from every reply on this entire thread. Best of luck with your suggestion to severly cripple RuneScape as we know it.
  11. It was like that for ages. I was able to go away and come back and it was still there. Look at the difference in energy amounts... It IS just lag, and crop your damn pictures. Common and harmless. Please, and also fuzz out the names. It seems harmless, but it's not allowed on these forums.
  12. Full of problems, lots and lots of people will complain, Jagex will never implement. Eliminates skillers (good or bad, everyone has their opinion), helps eliminate bots from p2p. NO support from me though.
  13. This coming from someone who is almost maxed out in their stats already. Don't get me wrong, congrats on this, it's awesome, but if not to reach the 200M xp mark, why keep playing? You've done all you can do in the game, done every quest (I'm assuming), visited every island, killed every type of creature... If it's for sheer love of the game, good on ya, but what else is there for a goal then if you've done it all???
  14. First off, nice topic. Original and well thought out. I agree with you somewhat. As more people reach level 99, in ANY skill, more and more people, like myself, who like being on the leaderboard, can't be there. It makes it harder to get to the front page of any skill. My dream (don't know if anybody else has accomplished it) is to be the FIRST f2p, to get 99 in all f2p skills. Sure, look at my sig, see I'm WAAAAAAY off that goal, but it keeps me sane, especially when I play about 5 hours per week total. The reason I think that 200M xp will be the next '99', is because once you hit level X in any skill, things get waaaay easier, and faster for xp. For me, level 70 mining was great (my favorite skill I would say), but it took a long time. Once I can 1 hit coal (if that's possible), mining xp would be easier. Once I can mine addy, xp may come in quicker. And rune, well, faster still (perhaps, maybe not because of distance). I see Zezima on the high score list, and like every day, his xp goes up by a couple million (or so, not sure). My xp, if I played the exact amount of time, doing the exact thing he is doing (only to my skill level), I wouldn't get a 1/4 of that xp. So will it be the next '99'. All my thoughts think yes, but by that time, I may be retired...
  15. I am f2p, and even I am against this. First of all, you DO get what you pay for. I don't pay, cause I don't need or want all the extra stuff that members have (except the bank space). If you wanna cut maples and make boats, go p2p. As for herblore, yeah, would be nice, but I never use potions, so I don't care about making them at the moment. If I wanna make them, I will buy members. As others have said, this is on the not to post sticky anyways.
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