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  1. i have an idea... how about inside the black night fortess just west of edgy? that way you can only get in if you are wearing a bronze med and iron chain. anyone who tries to crash it cant get in and wont make it back in time before it is mostly done. assuming it is on a member world, costumes are all set. if it is on a f2p world, all you members can just go in on a member world, drop your chain and helm, then change clothes and world hop. only downsides are that level 66 and less get pwnd by black nights, and you might attack one by accident instead of grab an item. adds to the chaos though... also, there are only 1 or 2 rooms that are even mildly large enough to have a party in... of course the whole building could be the party... [Mod Edit: Please do not use color for an entire post. ~azn]
  2. lol, if JAGeX was a united states company, someone would sue them for not including a Hanukkah event, Ramadan event, Quanza event, and a winter solstice event. its a good thing they are British.
  3. bumpalicious! cant wait till christmas, and then this party on new years. woot!
  4. im down with that. jsut pretend im waiting at c wars right now...
  5. yeah, there is an error in the guide. and dont bother growing harlanders, while you are in the lumby caves, kill cave bugs and crawlers, you'll get plenty in a halve hour you can get 200+ harlander tar, or 300+ tarromin or 400+ marentil or like 500+guam tar if, depending upon what lizard/salamander you are using. just bring melee armor, 4-5 antipot(4), a lantern, and a pestle. good to go :thumbsup:
  6. for some reason, granite and sandstone mine rather quickly, esp compared to gold, the ore 1 down from granite. it mines somewhere between as fast as iron and coal do at my level (67) plus it respawns as fast as iron does. granite is definitely the best ore to powermine on if you weren't planning on keeping your ores. (for those who do... iron, ardy warp, bank, mine south of legends, repeat.) thanks for writing this guide, if you haden't i'd spend up almost 2x the time trying to powermine iron.
  7. the one cabbage i always have in my bank in honor of the ooc. deep respect for their members... X)
  8. or they might actually be holding rune longs w/no shield not r2h swords...
  9. i was using the tip.it max hit calculator, and in the glove potion it has iron gloves, steel gloves... ...rune gloves, dragon gloves and dark gloves. but when i searched for them on the tip.it google search, they had no information on them. the only hint to their existance was their mention in the max hit calculator. so my question is this... do these gloves really exist? if so where can you get them? Or were they somethign in rsc that was abolished when they shut it down?
  10. the best thing i can think of is the ability to respond to a group. sort of like a pseudo chat room. your post goes to a group of friends so they can all see it instead of one seeing it and repeating it to all the others in your group... this is almost as good as the new bank of runescape idea. but overall, they should just make a totally new design, liek a messenger service reserved to runescape.
  11. i have had leo as a random event 6 times since i started in april of this year. based on all of your posts and my experiences, i have a theory... first time i got him, i go the boots and the shirt. i dropped them. second time i got those same items again. 3rd time i got the trousers and hands. 4th was the mask. 5th was the walk emote, and 6th was the dance emote. (got it yesterday while killing hell hounds :thumbsup: ) all of your posts follow the order of: boots and shirt<---------\ trousers and hands. . . .| mask . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .| zombie wlak emote . . . .| zombie dance emote-----/ except you get a different starting item so i think that the first time you get leo as a random event, the game program randomly picks one of these 5 rewards, then continues in the cycle. if you toss one of the rewards, it gives you that reward, then resumes untill it is completed. then you just get coins... anyone agree? or am i totally wrong in every possible way?
  12. genies are worth it imo. they may give only small amounts of exp, but it helps me raise the stats i dont normally bother with. like runcrafting. my friend got it to 35 by crafting cosmics, i got it there by genie exp :thumbsup:
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