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  1. thanks for the tips all :) are there any new interesting things to kill for good loot around? or is slaying still very rewarding?
  2. So my questions are what new gear should I buy what is currently good to earn some gold and ofcourse what has changed? currently wearing: slayer helm obsidian cape glory amulet abyssal whip dharok armor dragon defender dragon boots barrow gloves and got about 13 mil to spend also got enough resources for slaying boss fights etc. 115 ish combat level with summoning not sure though. So any tips?
  3. Lol is that a script you are testing to bot Blue Dragons in the notepad? Using Notepad? I don't think so... Well you do write/edit the code in notpad then save it to .java
  4. if you got the money then burst the lobbies if not then waterfiends
  5. So i need to get 65 smithing for devious minds or can you use assist? if not what is the best way to train smithing? Haven't done it in 3 years :oops:
  6. wierd ice place south of pess mine and air altar west of it
  7. west of fist of guthix is this area dont know what it is from
  8. something else you can do is buy mithril seeds in the legends guild, it will make a profit of 25k
  9. Maybe lucien killed zamorak and became a god?
  10. 3 sniped at dusties:P edit: another one and another one at a star:
  11. the tridents special is funny 1 hitko a creature lower then combat 50
  12. buy super strenght and super attack and maybe super def
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