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  1. Muspah have a 100% drop of 5 Elder engery. From 100 kills i've recieved: - 10 Muspah Spines - 14 Elder Charms E: Spirit Gems can save Elder Charms.
  2. Based on an Abyssal Demon task : 2,000-3,500 coins Noted: 2 Fire orbs 1 Rune ore 2 Addy ore 6 Magic logs 76 Pure ess Other: 1 diamond 1 ruby -- not rare drop table drops but normal table gem drops-- Law runes 13-17 Blood runes- 17 1 shark Rune Chainbody Rune medium helm Addy Battle axe
  3. In Mod Silent's video about the update to ports it is mentioned that there is a new tier of captain. When paused at the right time you can see 2 of the 3(possibly more) crew from the Loop.
  4. Just a few things during this week. Day of release I got these in 1 drop: From a random Crystal key : Was Dragonstone helm, which sold for 14.6m
  5. Did a bit of killing at Chaos Giants today to see what the improved drops are: 4,900-7,400 coin drops 30 noted Coal 10 noted Gold 20 Death runes 40 Chaos runes Muddy Keys Rune dagger Rune Scimatar Addy Plates 3 Irit seeds 3 Ranarr seeds 2 Avantoe seeds Noted Grimy herbs: 4 Irits 4 Ranarr 2 Avantoe 1 Lant 5 mh dragon axes / 5 ofh dragon axes -- seperate drops Charms don't drop too often, when they do they are mostly golds. I'd imagine there are more drops but i kept getting those few drops for an hour.
  6. EDIT* Gotta go buy some glasss because my eyes clearly suck.
  7. I got a full key this weekend(6/15) ,Here is a picture of the rock face. Examine : This rock has a hollow carving in which a triskelion-shaped key could fit. The rockface was South of the Releka Slayer cave entrance. Loot was : Elite clue, 5 uncut Dstone, 3 papaya, Plam, and calquat seeds. About 8 Hours to get the key frags. 5 hours pick pocketing a mix of elves and dwarf traders. In that time the elves gave me Frag 1. All the rest of the pickpocketing from Dwarfs was useless. The last 3 hours were done killing Dark beasts, they gave me the last 2 frags.
  8. Finished and got comp back. Heres some numbers if anyone cares: 1000 Sprites 656 G sprites 237 T sprites 107 S sprites Shards 089 Gold 179 Green 448 Crimson 284 Blue 73 Mystic One mystic can be used with 1-4 normal colored shards to make a whole charm. Mystics comes with normal shards rarely.
  9. The new slayer creatures, automatons gave a bit over 3,600 xp* earlier this morning, then after a while I only got 1,650ish xp a kill. ( not sure exact number but it was halved) * experience per kill as in range and hit points xp, not slayer, I'm unsure what their slayer xp is.
  10. It still absorbs the damage (making it hit 0) but does not heal you. I believe it can still absorb any attack, just no longer will allow healing massive amounts. Thunderous' "true power" attack no longer heals you :( but you can still bounce a nice 5k damage back on him with reflect + res. Blinks attacks, the stream when he runs, and the "kapow" attack can still both be healed on.
  11. The Fremennik Sagas: Thok Your Block Off secret challenge has been made a bit easier. If they truly made a difference, then this is the best update!
  12. Dung D&D, hmm maybe they will finally fix the Thok Sage properly....
  13. [qfc]16-17-269-64178386[/qfc] No Game Update this week.
  14. For the love of all that is decent please include livid farm!
  15. I'm willing to bet that they haven't been added yet, based on a similar amount of time killing Turoths (And a similar number of swords). The alternative is that they're rarer than the normal swords or we're both unlucky. On the plus side I learned that the leaf-bladed spear was pretty cool. Fast speed with the strength of an average speed weapon. After another hour of killing kurasks, another 2 standard leaf swords, also a 5 magic seed drop from the rdt,. After that I went to turoths under Summona and killed for another hour, no luck on the swords, but i did get 2 mystic bottoms and 5 torstol seeds. On a side note, not entirely sure, but with a leaf bladed sword in the main hand and an offhand chaotic rapier both were doing damage to turoths.
  16. I was also killing wizards for an hour. No gloves, my exact thoughts were is this a clue scroll item? On another note, has anyone found an " off-hand leaf bladed sword", killed kurasks for an hour and only got 2 normal LBS. Turoths are swarming with bots. Either these items are really uncommon or they just didn't put them in yet.
  17. Just a little info, only got to do a few med solos after doing some item hunts. No pics atm. 114 Dung with 57 Prestige Floor 1 C6 Medium Solo -Behemoth Boss +13% 0 Deaths -16% level Mod 32,855 xp / Time : 10:10 Floor 57 C6 Medium Solo -Blink +13% 0 Deaths -10% level Mod 83,470 xp / Time : 14:39
  18. So they couldn't wait till the new year to unload this pile onto us.
  19. I liked them, but as other have said the one a day seems kinda drab. Maybe for example have 3 a day, all of a varying length, an easy one, ( 5 bones, or 3-10 summoning pouches, etc), a medium one ( like fish/cook 40-70 fish, or make 70 urns, etc), and a hard one ( rampages, all other high skills ones).
  20. Okay so maybe the exp per moth is the same for everyone here are the exps: Red: 15 Orange: 50 Yellow: 150 Green: 250 Blue: 300 Purple: 320 Gray: 400 Black: 500 The Polar Kebbit hunter area tickets cost 15 each, you can box trap them and they give 253 exp each, not really worth it. Once you box one and get it, 1 ticket is removed from your tickets.
  21. Divine Storm, the replacement for god spells, seems to be the best all-round spell, highest max hit and uses air runes only. SoA is far too expensive with the rune cost reduction. I wonder what this means for mage arena. The three godstaves just become cosemetic like hilts? I guess in the EOC the staves and the capes are low level equipment, and nothing stays the best forever ( in regards to the god capes, not the staves/spells).
  22. inb4 SOF comment Oh well, I did buyables all the time on those weekends, was gonna move onto agility now that it's the worst skill.
  23. Er could level 3s get half the boost I get from extremes added to their levels? Why not unlock it? There's not much to buy in co-op points. Buying it has no negative impact on you, you still get the full effect. Buying it has positive impact on anyone you slayer with, they get half the potions normal boost for free. Well for one I kinda got 99 slayer a long time ago and there would be no point to buy, I do acknowledge your point, but don't agree with it. EDIT : my statement made no sense.
  24. " As well as this, you can unlock the permanent ability to share potion effects: drink a potion while your slayer partner is nearby, and they'll be granted half of the full bonus that the potion imparte$ to you." Well if that is true why would anyone bother to unlock that?
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