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  1. That's an incredible achievement and your dungeoneering level is lovely :rolleyes:
  2. Regardless of a lack of 99's I dig on those stats :thumbsup:
  3. Nice day of leveling indeed. Why not make Yew Longs? Isn't a profit made from those?
  4. I loved it :D I havn't pk'ed in ages and this has certainly put me in the mood to do so. Nice weapon and spell combinations
  5. Nice. Get 99 hah? How much have you lost so far alching? 94/99
  6. Great guide lady shahdie! Just today I decided to put some time into mining so i'm extremely pleased to see that a fellow ges'er made a guide on tif. :D :D :D This is seriously one of the most in depth and easy to follow guides I have read thus far. Stupendous job and thank you :thumbsup:
  7. Excellent! thank you everyone and especially pureprayer. That's what i was looking for; some in your face math to prove which was faster. I believe I'm only going to keep playing pest control until i get full void and perhaps for hp xp from time to time, and soul wars will be purely fun. I'm kind of glad they did not create a mini-game that you could actually effectively train slayer with. Doing as such would take away from the prestige of the skill.
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