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  1. Happy birthday :D

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. good thing i kept the robe bottom, just got wizzy (g) top \:D/
  4. awesome guide ! 10/10 just started, first clue got wizzy (g) robeskirt! 314k :thumbsup: i will keep a log for you, i plan on doing this for a while ill printscreen the rewards :cool:
  5. In the update, I started with the 99 Thieving part, added outfits and a bank picture as well as updating some old text and a new title! \
  6. I like it, its nice to have something new after all those letters to the editor.. Can't wait till the next one \
  7. Of course I wont give up \ Thanks for the support , it looked a bit like I was giving up so I updated some last things, now im officially taking a break. -.- Its not like I wanted to take a break.. schoolwork :-w
  8. Hiya! Of course ill race you to 99 thief, I have some things to do before I can start aswell, and my member runs out tommorow and I dont know it might take about 5 weeks to get new :uhh: So maybe you can train it to my lvl and get preparations and then do some other goals while waiting for me? O:) I'll get member back as fast as i can \
  9. Thanks for posting on my blog \ Amazing stats u have there, and good luck with all your goals! :thumbsup:
  10. Ok good luck with it, im going for 99 Thieving :lol: EDIT: First post \
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