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  1. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this already but; @ the original topic question, yes. The reason RS was originally made in Java is because it can "run anywhere". For a long time, many RS players have played from crappy old PCs, or with dial-up internet. Java allowed the game to be playable under those conditions. But the reason that it's obsolete these days, is that more and more people are getting new computers (which at this point are overkill for RS max setting requirements) and dialup is pretty much a thing of the past. If anything needs to be done, it should be an "optional" upgrade. The current web based client would still work, but the same game/servers/characters will be accessible through the downloaded version of RS.
  2. Was going perfect, only 1 sara brew and 4 super restores used, was on the 360, 180, 90, and 2 45s wave... I'm just finishing off the 45s with a 360 trapped behind the italy rock (could'nt see me), and out of nowhere it kicks me out to the login screen. Tried to log back in, but i got the message "you are already logged in, try again in a few minutes". When i managed to get back in, i was outside... Just feels like someone at Jagex is sitting there saying "ooh, he's almost finished, DISCONNECT!! *click* "
  3. A long time ago, i got bored of RS and stopped playing. Just recently i decided to try and get my account banned so it would be gone forever =) :D So i did a few bad things, and as you suspected, i got a black mark. I decided to appeal it in an interesting way :lol: Here are the results (WARNING: Bad words may be involved, read at ur own discretion): [hide=][/hide]
  4. I think that most of the people who are "addicted" to RS, eventually get bored or realize that there are things other than RS. Thats how it was for me, first 2 years of hardcore playing, then slowly dropping to 30 mins to 1 hour every second day.
  5. This may have been said before, but website scammers can still advertise their scam sites by avoiding or replacing .'s and com's. IMO, this rule is useless.
  6. Not sure if anyone has posted this, but fire giants would be a perfect place to test this, because they have a wide range of drops. There's common (the junk), uncommon(rune stuff), and rare(drag meds and left halves). Plus they drop rune stuff sort of often, and it would be easy to notice of those drops are being improved or not.
  7. These i am sure of, learned them from quests and the rs main page letters/stories/history pages: Armadyl: God of good and justice Guthix: God of balance Sara: God of order (as in everything has to be as he says) Zammy: God of chaos (not evil, but chaos) These im not 100% sure, i think i read it somewhere: Zaros: God of pure evil Icthlarin: God of creation and land These i have no idea: Bandos: God of goblins (not even a god, just some randomly introduced thing never before mentioned anywhere in RS) And anyway, gods dont have to do what their title says. Sara is just as evil as any other god, he commands his followers to kill others.
  8. Overall, attack is better from my experience. A while ago i sent a query on how attack, strength and defense work. The mod who answered my query, said that they couldnt fully reveal the formulas involved, but he did say that attack does two things; increases chance to hit red instead of zero, and, increases the chance to hit high. Im 99 attack myself, and i easily defeat ppl my lvl, with a higher strength than attack. This applies mainly to dueling, but not so much to pking, because pking involves mage and range aswell. But strength is alot more useful for no armour duels, where ppl just dds spec. Having 99 attack early is also very useful, because it makes training def and str easier. IMO, the best way to go is high attack lvl, and high strenght bonus.
  9. ^^ Exactly, basically most ppl use the word 'noob' towards someone they dont like.
  10. A Noob is a newbie, a new player. But people who beg, scam, act immature, are just idiots. So next time a 'noob' annoys u, call em an idiot lol.
  11. Yeah i know, but that pic is months old lol. Btw i use veracs now anyways.
  12. Time to bring this post back, since wyverns are worth killing again! 2 legs so far, no visage lol:
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