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  1. 6/6/6/ Massacre is better know as the Falador Massacre, plus the event technically did not occur on 6th June 2006, but the 7th. The event occured on an Australian Server, which was past midnight (so 7th June), plus Jagex is based in the UK, which was also at 7th June when it happened. Only one or two US timezones were still at the 6/6/6 date, but people refuse to accept this and still run around thinking its some sort of conspiracy that the devils numbers conflict with this event, which was not the case.
  2. Its a forum - meant for opinions. If the guy doesnt like an update, they are entitled to express that. I dont think a "compliment sandwich" is necessary at all in this instance.
  3. True - could have still done with some initial testing though by Jagex or the game developers. I think they call it Alpha testing. The game is brilliant and a lot of fun, but im choosing to stay clear of it now until its launched.
  4. The first reset I could understand, but they should have learnt their lesson the first time. This is a huge gaming company who seem to lack any Quality Assurance teams or the ability to back up users' data files. The bugs have been so basic and yet they still required a reset. I could live with server downtime, but constantly re-making my account makes it pointless. How the hell are we supposed to help beta test when we cant even reach the main stages of the game? Remember, we havent even engaged battle with eachother yet, which is the main objective of the game.
  5. That was my suggestion on the previous page. Im claiming it if correct :P
  6. Wasnt there supposed to be a Fishing D&D coming out in the future? Could be something to do with that.
  7. To echo what someone here said (I think it was this forum). The 75-damage attack can be avoided and will save you on a few brews. When he starts placing the red mines on the floor, run outside of them, making sure you do not step on one, stand next to a pillar and start ranging him with ruby bolts. After a while he will stop attacking you and some dialogue will come up, whilst he charges the attack. At this point, dive behind the pillar and wait. He will send the attack over and it will splash on the pillar, whilst at the same time he will run towards you. Helped me :thumbsup:
  8. If this is legit then I just want to say we all support you back in the home countries and wish you well. Good to see a militant playing RS :thumbsup:
  9. Operating the cane brings a cool emote too :^_^:
  10. Chessy is suddenly now a genius because she spends the best part of 5-10 minutes a day at the grand exchange? :lol: Dedicated? Yes. Genius? Certainly not.
  11. URLywarning is great program for GE updates. Google it for more info. May aswell tell people about it now, seeing as everyone uses some kind of update notification. I miss the good old days when over a year ago hardly anyone knew about this trick. Me and my friend picked up quite a lot of third age doing it :thumbsup:
  12. Glad to hear you guys had a good time. Being 10 minutes away from the venue, I eventually had to cancel any kind of plans to go there. I was swamped at work 9am-6pm and couldnt take time off. Looks like I missed out on some fun. Wish I was more of a frequent poster, though. I didnt really want to go on my own, so would have been awesome to meet up with those from this board who went :)
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