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  1. First off i want to say i am F2P in case anybody didn't realize before they tried to answer my question. I was just wondering what the best way to lvl smithing is in F2P. As of right now I am 52 smithing. Some one told me steel bars but that takes forever and i don't know how much iron and coal is worth, so i would probably loose a ton of money doing it. So i was just wondering if anybody knew something that i could do to raise my smithing. Thanks. (and don't forget i am F2P).
  2. Thanks, it is more exp then I thought.
  3. Rcnoob


    This thread is a bit old, but the only rap music I have ever been able to listen too that I like have been the Wu-tang Clan and 2Pac. Also Rage Against the Machine, if they can count as rap music, because Zach de la Rocha is pretty much a rapper.
  4. Flea, but I am sure he has been said a hundred other times in this thread and I am sure there are people that are better then him.
  5. This might be the oldest question in the book, but I was wondering about how much exp you get per hour at the draynor willows, I am f2p so that means no dragon axe. Thanks.
  6. I didn't want to read through all of the 7 pages, but the "Keith" guy is Fred Phelps from Topeka, KS, I have been by his church the "Westboro Baptist Church" He's crazy, and he thinks that God created certain chosen people, I am sure everything else about him has been mentioned throught the thread, so I wont go into too much detail.
  7. It seems that I don't meet the requirements for it...
  8. Okay, so I am coming in on the home streach for lvl 85 mining, I hope to have it by next week and I was wondering, how hard it is to mine it in the wildrness, I am lvl 3 I don't know if that makes much of a diffrence. Also, about how long does it take for the ore to re-spawn? and Would it be possible to mine about 100 ores a day?
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