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  1. 2 a new member (or any1 f2per) it doesn't matter if hunter was released yesterday or a year ago they're lv 1 in it and the day they start it they can easly gain 30lv's in one day. the hype when any update comes out is kind of worthless
  2. theiving because u pretty much have 2 make money with it and the best skill ever is smithing if u dont have a life and get 92 smithing
  3. i liked RFD, DT, legends and lunar they were alot of fun
  4. well he and all the npc did one of 2 things that are simple 1) they found a p hat laying around somewhere, they were greatful to find a great mystic phat. no one could agree on who got 2 keep this wounderful item. so all of the npc's chipped in a few gp and took it to the wise old man and they asked him to clone their phat, he did and made one for himself. now all the npcs with phats wanted to become more hiclass and bought some dye from the nerby witch and dyed their phats and everbody lived happily everafter. or 2) when playes get banned the npc rob their bank accounts and steal all their valuables
  5. does any1 rember the old download where u would pick a world (that load like 5 times faster then on the website) and the playing screen was alot smaller then it is now and you could only have 1 runescape window load?
  6. i no this has proly been posted a million time but does any1 the drop rates of dlegs and skirts form the metal dragons?
  7. my friend will let me borrow anything and i will do the same 4 him mostly cause we r best friends in rl
  8. if u have 43 prayer and prayer pots or super restores both quests are realy easy. i think monkey madness can be harder if your not good at the puzzles and poor but if your rich or good at the puzzles it is easyier then dt.
  9. Does lying make you feel cool? You get 4K Att XP from Vampire Slayer and some prayer XP from Restless Ghost, so just do us a favor and leave... u can be lv 3 in the champion guild if u were in it and you broke some rules and jagex reset your stats
  10. they should bring back charater classes and they should have never takin out party aprons they where mad cool
  11. there are also black dragons in a wilderness dugon i think the 1 at the end of the lava maze
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