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Well im going to start chinning as i've saved alot of money from aviansies, and im not sure which chins to buy. Should i just buy regular chins and save myself ALOT of money? or should i buy the stronger red chins and spend about 4 mill extra? my range is 90 btw

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4M is about 15 hours at avianses, so as long as using reds will save you 15 hours, then use them!




I found that greys were about 60-80k per hour xp less than reds at ape atol at around the 95 range mark.




You will get around 200k xp per hour using reds at 90 range.

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use red , the exp u will get will make u get 99 range faster , then use it in armadyl or sara gwd and u will make ur money faster then the time chinning with grey

something to say about my english grammar ?!?!? , okay , but do it in french !

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