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  1. this is even rarer then hilt !!!! arma chest from minion !!!
  2. last kill , demon was suppose to tele but i gave him 10 papaye !!! , then .... started 5 men finished 3 :P this is #9 edit: just made a new list ! bank worth around 145 m , something starnge
  3. Is it just me or is there a lot more armadyl hilt loots on tif recently? i dont think so ... to unspam :
  4. when to armadyl 4 time in the last 3 day , 2 last trip , 1 hilt each one , 3 men and 4 men , decided to post them all ....
  5. maybe they didnt make those imps right new , they just changed some 001010001011 of the cats , and didnt think about this .
  6. if ur making a ranger pure , its great , u can chin there and still get decent exp , and spend pc point on void or range exp . training combat stats aint effective there ... u get 1/2 exp and u can get around 500 domage in a game with some decent stats , thats 1 k exp .... the pc point dont worth it .
  7. row doesnt increase bar drop , i did 82 to 90 range there . 70 def is okay to find a team if u have 67 summoning and 90 range + by getting 85 range there if u have killed 5790 aviansie , u will get around 5200 bar = 12 m by getting those money , i woud invest in fury , archer ring and ranger boot in order. then , for arma boss , dfs woud be great and some verac stuff . ps , 90 + arma trip , 5 arma hilt around 14 arma armour drop best arma team is 3 ( because of 3 minions) with 95 range + 85 def + but u can do some good job at 5 with 90 range 70 def
  8. im 54 crafting and im going to 61 for lunar , where is the best spot to make tiara ? im 54 mining and going for 61 too , granite or iron , bank or not , and where !?!?! tank everyone
  9. ive passed over 2 hours in pvp p2p world , all i see is weapon hitting too high. dbow + void = 49 49 , we can see this at 77 combat 99 str 75 att 45 def , combat 99 , ags 50-53 spec 64-66 the faboulus dds , u will see some 40s from 99 str something dont fit with the 99 hp . Jagex made so many update about the weapon thinking they will never take it back . EDIT : the drop shoud be atleas 60-100 % of the real drop , losing a whip and the oppenent did just receive a rune long , thats realy cheap
  10. opps , didnt post objectif str 70-73 range :-72-73 shoud i make dwarf canon quest then trian at rock lobster and train str while canon get my range up ?
  11. hello all , im tired of my main so i started a brand new low crater bher, current stats 40 att 59 str 1 def 58 range 31 pray combat 49 i made him member to train him faster but i dont realy know where to train for fast exp .. some spot and technik woud help me
  12. hello , my stats are those 89 str 74 att 79 def 93 hp 70 prayer i wanna get my str to 99 the fastest possible , money aint a probleme , i woud like to have some suggestion on witch place or monster is the best exp/hour ingame . and whats is it . i dont wanna do slayer assignation . if there is not very good spot i may just bandos it all .....
  13. the new shield have higher requiment then dfs and arent better .. WOW !
  14. hello , im 280 k untill 97 range and im going to 99 , have both , fullrma and full void , archer , fury , ranger boot , zammy book , barrow glove ... but im not sure if ima better use full arma or void , arma woud be : around 180 range bonus , +13 prayer void is : 104 range , 10 prayer i use range pot but i dont use eagle eye. i woud accept any suggestion too
  15. im merchanting all my money since 1 week , made around 200-400 k per day overall , going for a purple phat soon !!!!!!
  16. Buy a Half wine or go all out with a P hat and alch it!!! i had 129 m cash and my fury , im still 7 m under purple phat lol , and yes i woud of alch it :P
  17. i gave money to my friend trought bh f2p mid crater , its so easy to survive with 50 def full rune full swordy and some prayer , i gave him full zammy 2 time , he didnt even used half of swordy each time . ( this was just to tell its easy to give ,transfere money ) i personatly know someone thats have one of those web site thats sell GP , he is bullshhhh and make real money out of this , and some one i kno from richyt old sch00l time sold around 150-170 million throug bh 6 $ each . I know thats jagex didnt get those scammer and rwt out of the game , but now , u dont see them anymore , its not gold farmer lvl 3 thats make money now , its main lvl 100s. READ UNDER THIS BEFORE FLAMING MY ENGLISH.
  18. Give it to me i woud but its ''illegal'' do die in bh when its to transfer money !!! and i dont want ur account banned ! You should buy a few 3rd age kites or sets and then alch them infront of the seller :roll: i like the idea but alching santa and mask drinking a full half jug of wine eating a easter eggs will be enuff lol
  19. Give it to me i woud but its ''illegal'' do die in bh when its to transfer money !!! and i dont want ur account banned !
  20. just sold all my bank , im quiting , but b4 , i wanna alch those rare :P , and i'm thinking what i shoud do with the extra 59 m . any idea ?
  21. looks easy to kill do you get to fight it ? Yea it drops dragon kites jk lol, no I wish you could though some one finished thats quest and coud tell everyone what drop or reward ?
  22. i woud like to kno why soloing ? , example , u make 4 kill solo , if u woud duo it u coud do like 10 kree kill , its not worth soloing kree !!!
  23. 1-30 rat - cow ... 30-50 minotor 50-70 hogoblin but past 70 , get 70 def , some decent gear and aviansie ftw , u gonna make ton of cash , good exp , then when u reach 92-94 range , chin with the money u made from aviansie
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