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Making Broad Arrows and Bolts


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Ok, got my 300 points and made a slayer helmet. Just aced my 50th task for a 225 point bonus and now have over 450 points.




Question: Is it worth spending the points on learning to make broad bolts and arrows? How about slayer rings? Is there any market for said items? Is it cheaper to just by the rings instead of making them.




I know broad arrows are not tradeable, only the arrow tips. Broad bolts sell in the 70gp range each so there may be some money there. Slayer rings I havent a clue as to how useful they are, I know they arent tradeable.

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slayer rings ARE usefull, and they require 75 crafting. (You can assist tho)


I believe they teleport to various slayer dungeons etc.




Broad bolts/arrows are good for Turoth and Kurask tasks. Especially the bolts imo :P



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You will fall in love with them.




I bought in this order, and would again:




- Helmet


- Rings


- Cancelling tasks


Boguht bolts ability when i had 100 poitns more than the req




and i'd do the same again




You will be so grateful for rings.

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The bolts will cost you arund 57gp each to make, and are equal to addy bolts in strength. You work it out ::'

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The rings are completely useless in my opinion. The only teleport on there tat I would ever actually use is the pollnivneach one to save 10 or so seconds getting to a spectre task. Duradel doesn't assign terror Dogs(or they are extremely rare) and both the Slayer Tower and Dungeon have a fairy ring very close.




I burn my points on skipping good tasks that I just don't feel like doing at the time, or when I get the same thing twice in a row. You could use the 10k experience, I get.

Barrows: 9~2 V Brass,V Flail,2 Dh Plate,V Helm,V Skirt,T Legs,Malevolent Shield DKing: 48~6 W Ring,13 A Ring,8 M Staff,9 S Ring,7 B Ring,3 Seercull
Dragon Drops: 500+~50+ Med,26 Axe,3 Chain,10+ Legs,10+ Spear,2 D2h,10+ L Half,49 Boots,2 DDs,10+ Lump,9 Claws,50+ Dagger,14 Visage,50+ Mace,4 Scimitar,7 Hasta,Baxe,50+ Long,30+ Royal,2 Kite,4 Ward,2 Plate,Staff,Hammer,Limbs, Mattock,Halberd
GWD: 156~4 S Staff,50+ Shard,9 B Tass,13 B Plate,5 B Boots,6 A Plate,11 S Sword,8 A Hilt,4 A Skirt,9 A Helm,S Hilt,3 B Hilt,B Glove,2 A Buckler,Z Ward,Z Garb,2 Z Boots,B Shield,B Helm

Corp: 3~Elysian,2 Sp Sh Nex: 6~Torva Legs,Cere,P cowl,Z bow,2 T boots + GWD2: 9~2 Glaive,Wand,2 Crest,Blade,2 Essence,Core Araxyte: 5~Web,3 Pheromone,Fang + Raids: 4~3 Codex,P Boots  + Trails: 2~Bob Shirt,Fortunate

Etc: 64~3 Sceptre,B Mask,16 Whip,2 Focus Sight,5 D Bow,7 SOL,Ragefire,2 Steadfast,Arma Staff,6 Rider Armor,5 Vine,2 Razorback,2 A Wand,Abby Orb,3 Blood Shard,6 Hydrix,Gland,Asc Xbow
[spoiler=Capes]Quest Cape Aquired 12-7-07 ~ Level 93 + + + Completionist Cape Aquired 5-22-15 ~ Level 138
Hitpoints Cape Aquired 9-21-09 ~ Level 131 + Magic Cape Aquired 9-24-09 Attack Cape Aquired 3-5-10 ~ Level 135 Summoning Cape Aquired 3-12-10

Strength Cape Aquired 6-1-11 ~ Level 137 Fire Cape Aquired 6-23-11 Defence Cape Aquired 7-5-11 + Ranged Cape Aquired 8-1-11 Kiln Cape Aquired 2-26-12 ~ Level 138
Dungeoneering Cape Aquired 4-22-12 + Slayer Cape Aquired 6-25-14 ~ Level 200 + Herblore Cape Acquired 12-9-14 ~ Level 138 Prayer Cape Acquired 12-20-14
Agility Cape Acquired 1-4-15 + Hunter Cape Acquired 1-30-15 Construction Cape Acquired 1-31-15 Crafting Cape Acquired 2-22-15 Thieving Cape Acquired 3-18-15
Runecrafting Cape Acquired 4-14-15 Mining Cape Acquired 4-19-15 Fishing Cape Acquired 4-25-15 Firemaking Cape Acquired 4-26-15 Woodcutting Cape Acquired 4-26-15
Cooking Cape Acquired 4-26-15Smithing Cape Acquired 4-28-15 Farming Cape Acquired 4-29-15 Divination Cape Acquired 5-3-15 Dungeoneering Mastery 5-4-15
Fletching Cape Acquired 5-4-15 Max Cape Acquired 5-4-15 + Invention Cape Acquired 11-9-16 Invention Mastery 5-16-19 + Archaeology Cape Acquired 10-30-20

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The broad bolts especially seem worthwhile, since they're stronger than mithril bolts but a lot cheaper to get. And the Slayer Rng is untradable, so you need to buy it to get one at all.




Of course, you'd be giving up a lot of money by not buying all those runes. 250 deaths and 1k minds are only 35 points, right?

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