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    Is this the closest thing that we have to a friends chat now? Just noticed that sc and SoDB were deserted.
  2. Souls is best if you are tanking with a protection prayer on, regardless, as it makes protect lower damage by 60%, rather than 50% When DPSing... Souls is best if you are attacking one thing, and are in max dps gear Blood necks are better if you are doing lazy kills, and are being lazy dps. It also has the advantage of damaging your target. I remember calculations from a while back showed that the damage from blood was significantly higher than the extra strength bonus even between blood fury and aos, so I'd think that blood would always be better as far as damage output goes even considering the recent nerf, but that needs to be recalculated. From the videos I've watched, it seems like people run around a lot at these bosses. That would also favor blood assuming all that running keeps you within it's effective range. Aos seems notably better for health, though.
  3. The real issue is the 2 day limit. I'll look into it tomorrow when the good people are available again. No point dying along with all the other noobs.
  4. I'd guess if bunyip works, it's likely the rest do. If not, I have no idea how you could ever test others except for the divination ones if you can find some way to block them out next to a crater.
  5. Everything does degrade, even if not worn. Void degrades now? Don't be ridiculous. Sample gear: void + 1-2 weap + aos + rod + boots + scrimshaw. That's 5-6 degradeables just for a dps. That goes up for tanks.
  6. Is the ring of death effect optional or automatic? Also, where do you spawn after the safe death?
  7. You also have Loarnab turning to stone one head at a time while Zaros was murdering it.
  8. Is the bonecrusher toggleable once added?
  9. Are those warpriest boots? If I remember correctly, the effect only works with 3+ pieces, so those are worse than a lot of other options. Skeletal boots for around 60k or subjugation at 1mish would be notable improvements. Other than that, just keep practicing, because your gear is fine. Also, defensewise it is literally the best (assuming that's superior). Fire surge will also do the same damage as whichever blood spell you're using for cheaper, but you'll miss out on healing off the autoattacks when they happen.
  10. On muspah vs nihil, I prefer muspah's because they make the actual amount of effort put into divination much less. Light creatures require much more clicking. I don't think unicorns are really good anywhere now, because they cut into adrenaline, but I guess if you are somehow using food but not using a BoB, then it would be good.
  11. I've noticed that titan scrolls tend to get wasted (1 second autofire) on the mage/range minions at the beginning of the kill because the titan goes for them immediately. I also noticed that the only way to get them onto the boss without first killing the minion is using the "order to attack" button in the summoning tab (left click attack option tries to use scrolls, maybe that's a glitch). Is there a better way to use them? 1-2 scrolls often get used and that's a waste of 30-60 seconds of scroll recharge time each time in addition to requiring micro managing the familiar. Manually using scrolls is also of course an option if there's no way to get the titan to work on it's own.
  12. I was randomly clicking through interfaces and I noticed that I somehow have a legendary pet (bloodpouncer to be specific) so are these good for anything? I saw people saying that Araxxor can't cleave them when you use yak pouches on it, so that seems like it could be useful, also for QBD. I assume banking scrolls don't work with them, so what other situations are there where a steel titan or actual yak wouldn't be better? Do they attack things while holding BoB scrolls?
  13. I just assumed that being in combat would break this system, and it wasn't explicitly mentioned, and I won't be able to test for a while. Can you use this mid attacking or does it kill the popup?
  14. So I am getting back into killing things and wanted to try the spider out. Usually I expect to nearly die multiple times learning a boss, but apparently that isn't an option here because you can't tele out. Is just repeatedly dying the way that people practice here? Would the "safe" instances be smarter than whatever losses happen with death now? Also what exactly happens when you die with degrabale things, I've been avoiding that like the plague reasonably successfully, but it doesn't seem like that'll be an option. Also are there any general precautions to take when you're fairly confident that you'll die? Someone told me that you could leave via the lobby, but personal tests did not show that being very effective.
  15. That's a great point. Hopefully jagex won't have changed this before however many years it will take me to actually use these up.
  16. No I do not have that, but that looks extremely interesting. It looks like this is the same as the dung blood necklace effect. At some point I'll have to see if the extra 12 damage on the style ones is worth -3 pray and having to bother switching out necklaces, though. EDIT: It looks like most bosses are immune to this effect (not the ones I mentioned, though), that's pretty disappointing. Also now thinking about it, if your 2/demon estimate is right and the wiki is right about the effect happening every 15 seconds for 500 damage on average (400-600), that's 33.3/s. Dragonfire would need to be averaging unboosted hits of 3333 every 10 seconds to match that, which I assume it does not, but I'll have to look into that more when I have the time. That is also discounting the 2 to 14 damage bonus increase.
  17. I do have those, is using them just to avoid bringing restores? I though the boost from dragonfire was a big deal.
  18. I was thinking of using warpriest (Zamorak specifically) to get back into DKs and TDs after a very, very, very long absence. Is it possible to reclaim these in case they're lost? In all this time I've only gotten 2 of the opposite set via slayer tasks, so I am not looking to hunt down another full set.
  19. Very nice. I will have Max until I get around to killing the nihils and some more Cadarn elves apparently, but I will defintely try that out.
  20. Does anyone have a good red and black theme suggestion for max and/or comp capes? I've gotten pretty attached to my reasonably functional bankstanding outfit with a slayer cape and would like to make the new ones fit into it nicely if possible.
  21. You should pretty much never use research mode. And by "pretty much never," I mean never.
  22. Is there anything useful to be done with accidentally made superior items? I still have never had to repair any of the first sets that I made, and probably won't for a while.
  23. I wonder how the Jagexes will nerf golden crackers to cut down on people scamming trust trade buyers.
  24. I would definitely second the idea for Livid Farm, because you're probably going to end up going for comp, and that would suck a lot less if the XP is helping.
  25. So I was never actually planning on using the t85 dual wields, so I was not paying as much attention as I should have and now I have two main hand mage weapons. This is obviously not ideal. Has anyone seen the item voyages again after succeeding and using the first one?
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