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The new blog of Starman945! Merry Christmas <3 Pg. 4!

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Heya guys! After the Roll-Back, my blog was thrown into an Abyss of Failure, so I've decided to make a new blog! I've been going over-board with goals lately, 5 planned out! My 1st one will be Quests, which I've got more then 200 quest points! I have been working on this one for a long time, and will probally get it late Summer / early Autum. But, we will have to see what time brings.


[hide=Recent level]51 Slayer, missed pic.[/hide]


[hide=Newest Quest]LegendsQuest.jpg[/hide]


[hide=Newest Achievement Diary]I will upload to this section only when I finish all tasks of one level, not req tasks.[/hide]


[hide=Recent Clue]I will only upload clues which have a treasure trails rewards in it.[/hide]








[hide=On-Going Goals.]Fletching: 76 - 99


Hunter: 54 - 99


Fishing: 62 - 99


Slayer: 55 - 99


Summoning: 46 - 99[/hide]




[hide=Non-Skill Related Goals.]None atm.[/hide]




[hide=Stats.]Newstats.jpgstats at start of blog.


Starman945.pngCurrent Stats[/hide]
























45 herblore


62 defence


51 slayer[/hide]




[hide=Current 99 levels and more info - Fletching.]Starman945.png


54 Fletching


55 fletching


56 fletching


57 fletching


58 fletching


59 fletching


60 fletching


61 fletching


62 fletching


63 fletching


64 fletching


65 fletching


66 fletching


67 fletching


68 fletching


69 fletching




71 fletching


72 fletching


73 fletching


74 fletching


75 fletching


76 fletching






And as Starman closed his notebook, he remembered all he's gone through.. It had been alot. Though, thrown through fire and flames, given help, giving help, and more, he was still there... And then he went down to rest for the night....

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good luck on the cape i bet you can do it!




ive personaly allways hated quests :ohnoes:


(I wana live for ever,

or die trying...)

I have dyslexia so forgive me my bad grammar

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