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Servers being updated??? CLOOOOOOOOOSE )NO LONGER NEEDED)


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Been at world 76, 46 and 121, and when i try to log in it says:



"Server being updated, please wait 1 minute before login"




It's gone more than that, anyone know what's up? It work fine for few minutes ago.

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System Update...




This is to improve and further optimise the HD client and we've taken the liberty to fix several issues including the firecape graphics. Rest assured this isn't the only item we're fixing, we'll be eagerly reading your feedback and making changes accordingly to anything we think can look even better!




You may also notice that the system update message is slightly longer than normal. This is to allow you more time to finish what you were doing etc. Bear in mind though you can't login during this 10 minute countdown period.

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lol great now I get a message saying my graphics card doesn't meet minimum requirements. Vry niec l0l

How many runescape players does it take to change a lightbulb?


1 to change the bulb and the other 49 to complain about how it was better before.


So why are you here?

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